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Subject: Re: Cataclysm decided!
From: Kaoru Shalamberidze (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 16:30:56 EET

On Fri, 26 Nov 1999, Sinister Serpent wrote:

> > > > That great degree in the workings of magic is quite
> > > > impossible for any mortal to gain, this has been decided earlier that only
> > > > the ones built reality can really know perfectly how it works.
> > 
> > Why can't humans or others gain such high amounts of power. I mean its
> > possible to reverse engeneer DVD encrytion codes or MSwindows and sony
> > playstation APIs why can't humans reverse engineer the universe. Hell in
> > our Real world we are doing just that by decoding the human genome and
> > with quantum physics grand unified theory.
> I totally agree with you, Hook. I think we would have no technology at
> all if we did not have the talent and enthusiasm to explore and research
> new ways to do things and so forth. It just seems that Mandor does not
> think so *grin*.

This is the thing why iv been arguing with you, it seems that you totally
dont understand how magic works and what it is. So i try to give an
example so you would get it.

First comes a story of gods and past events in majik :

The gods in the void, then they create the universe. They do the creation
and design everything in it. They design how reality works and they
enstablish the fundamentals of magick -that is the act of changing
reality. After that comes new gods, species of man, cataclysm etc..etc..
and so on and so on and so forth.

Now an example from real life :

A group of people stands in an empty room. They decide to enstablish an
ant farm. They buy the glass aquarium to store ants inside. They design
the whole ant nest, how it works and where the ants are alloved to run.
Then they fill it with ants and they live there. And life if beautiful.

The gods have similar very firm grip over reality and the way how things
work in majik. They are the ant-masters looking down at mortals from
behind the walls of the aquarium. And mortals are only small ants running
in tunnels which any of the gods could crush in seconds. 

Not only do the gods control the aquarium but they control the things like
"where do the ants get food?" "water?" "light?" "sleep?" "how they manage
to live?" etc..etc.. 

Gods dominate and control just about every aspect of reality. And they
dont even keep the reality static. They change the place where from the
ants get light, sometimes someone might turn the lamp off, or light a few
extra candles. Or they might turn the water off. or maybe someone
accidentally bashes against the aquarium and causes havoc. Maybe someone
spills beer on it :).. 

This is one of the resons why humans can never reverse engineer the world
of majik. It is so very very very much beoynd anything they can
understand, and its IS NOT static, the gods change the ways how it works
all the time. Now how can you reverse engineer unknown and alien things
that dont even remain the same long enough to be measured?
And the fundamentals of true magic, how to really really change reality
are totally unknown to men.

You see all others execpt the gods manipulate reality (this is magic) by
changing the patterns that form reality. The gods do it in entirely
different level, they manipulate the rules which patterns are manipulated
BY and they can even DIRECTLY manipulate any structures of reality without
the need to mess with patterns. No mortal is ever going to reach that
level in magical skills. Simply because THE ANTS CAN NOT KNOCK OVER THEIR
OWN AQUARIUM FROM THE INSIDE. and the ants can never see the aquarium as
do their masters who build it. The ants can never cut of their light
source which is a lamp above the aquarium. etc.. etc.. they are only ants
not men. only mortals not gods.
And besides everything that makes up the universe, everything in the
creation is a design by the gods. They con exactly how things work, and
they can remove or add things from existence with ease. 

Humans around the aquiarium can flush it with gasoline and burn it if they
like, or they can throw objects inside.. pour more ants into it, squeeze
some old ones to death.. etc.. etc.. 

Was this clear enough example for you?

The elder gods who cerated the universe dont even exist in their real foms
inside it. They always use avatars. Even their "true form" the same form
that is true form for new gods, is just another avatar for elder gods.

This is one reason why new gods hopelessly lost the war against their
elders. They never had a change to win actually, they just didnt know

> > Why would the gods protect physical things. why would they care if
> > massive amounts of people die or don't. I mean the cataclysm can be seen
> > as a natural event in the eyes of the gods like the tides of the ocean.
> > If the populations of humans elves and orcs suddenly lowered i see no
> > real reason why they would care enough to stop it. They arn't even the
> > creators of the human races the new gods are. At least that is what i
> > thought.
> I agree on this, too.

As yorkaturr pointed out - our cataclysm story supports this idea fully.


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