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Subject: Re: Cataclysm decided!
From: Sinister Serpent (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 14:09:43 EET

joshua 'hook' corning wrote:
> I think Mandor wrote the " > >  "text but im not sure

Yes, it was written by Mandor.
> > > That great degree in the workings of magic is quite
> > > impossible for any mortal to gain, this has been decided earlier that only
> > > the ones built reality can really know perfectly how it works.
> Why can't humans or others gain such high amounts of power. I mean its
> possible to reverse engeneer DVD encrytion codes or MSwindows and sony
> playstation APIs why can't humans reverse engineer the universe. Hell in
> our Real world we are doing just that by decoding the human genome and
> with quantum physics grand unified theory.

I totally agree with you, Hook. I think we would have no technology at
all if we did not have the talent and enthusiasm to explore and research
new ways to do things and so forth. It just seems that Mandor does not
think so *grin*.

> > > Also such a thing as releasing true magic to world and causing destruction
> > > is quite impossible because of the nature of magic. Magic is only an
> > > illusion there is no real magic, there is only manipulation of patterns
> > > that form reality. And this reality and these patterns are constantly
> > > maitained and kept intact by the gods, releasing a devastating power upon
> > > the world would only have INSTANT counter-effect to nullify all that it
> > > would do. Like a reflex, stick a hot iron into your ass all of a sudden
> > > and you will move more than 1 millimeter as a reflex. This would be the
> > > same exact effect, gods who maintain and uphold reality would see a hot
> > > iron coming and instantly as a reflex would nullify all that it would do.
> > > These kind of things CAN NOT happen without the blessing of those who made
> > > reality. And in our agreed version its just that what happened.
> Why would the gods protect physical things. why would they care if
> massive amounts of people die or don't. I mean the cataclysm can be seen
> as a natural event in the eyes of the gods like the tides of the ocean.
> If the populations of humans elves and orcs suddenly lowered i see no
> real reason why they would care enough to stop it. They arn't even the
> creators of the human races the new gods are. At least that is what i
> thought.

I agree on this, too.
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