The Answer!!!?

Subject: The Answer!!!?
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 14:44:27 EET

I think i have just come up with the solution to our cataclysm problem.
Now i don't want everyone to just shrug it off or instantly exept it (
Ok its alright to instantly exept it) but i want you to let it roll
around in your head for awhile befor you judge it.

the cause of the cataclysim was a plague a magical or non-magical
infectiouse desease that made those infected go mad. Everyone went
bonkers and destroyed evryone and everthing in sight. They burned cities
butchered each other destroyed castles and just made a mess of their
civilizations. They did this for months or weeks or days or even years
these are details we can work out. After the desease past most died a
horrible bloody death from it ( the syptomes of death can be worked out)
but some survived and those that did fell into a sleep and when they
awoke their minds where wiped clean. They could only remember their
names and a few skills that they had took years to learn They also
remebered some of their history (What they remember can also be debated.
Beregar has pointed out, in my opinion correctly, that in reality the
players would not remember anything becouse they are in fact new to the

This is a good solution becouse:
- it dosn't destroy nature or change it dramaticaly leaving lots of
natural resourses. 
- We can pick and choose which races species are effected by it. Like
goblins are just naturaly immune but orcs humans elves ie player races
get the desease. 
- The gods do not nessesarily have to be involved (although they could
be this still needs debate) 
- It explains why only dwelling centers were destroyed
- It explains why people can't remember

Joshua 'hook' Corning

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