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Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 10:02:32 EET

Ari Miettinen wrote:
> >Taneli Niko Tikka (Sinister) wrote:

Btw. since when I and TNT has been the one and the same person?
TNT == Mandor.

> >- Intelligence (INT) - intelligence, perception, reason and insight
> >(maybe learning ability as well?).
> In my opinion, perception is different than intelligence. Someone may
> be very intelligent, but he may be obsessed with his thoughts, and
> not pay much attention to his surroundings. His senses may also be
> defected.

That is very true, but INT is often used to handle perception since PER
is not easily balanced if it is on its own, and balance is what you were
seeking for, right? INT is about finding things out etc. so it can
handle perception, but it is better if PER is a different attribute, but
if we really wanted to do this the *right way* we would need a different
number for all senses, but I do not think that we need to go that far.
Although we could have different attributes for seeing and hearing, at
Monsters should have different stats for those two (since it would add
some depth to the game in way that some animals could have a good
hearing ability and thus would not be surprised easily if one makes
noise, but if character has cast a silence spell and sneaks from behind
the animal, obviously this animal could not notice the coming of the

> >- Wisdom (WIS)       - wisdom, knowledge, memory, and processing ability
> >of knowledge (like philosophy for instance).
> Knowledges imo are skills and Intelligence should affect Knowledge skills
> greatly.

Umm.. I forgot that "knowledge" there, I was supposed to take that off
the list and leave only the "processing" there.

> Processing ability? What is this? It sounds much like intelligence to me.

I think that the processing INT handles is like mathematics and other
logical stuff, while WIS goes more "deeper" in thinking. Ie. philosophy,
morale and stuff like that fall into the WIS area and physics and math
are of INT.
Did this explanation make this idea any clearer to you?

> >- Toughness (derives from WIL & CON) absorbs dmg (people who have played
> >Warhammer Fantasy Role-play should know what I mean).
> Toughness could not be derived from Willpower and Constitution because
> of elves.

Oh, so elves rule our game then? >;)
Maybe it is time to make elves to fit the rules and not to make rules
that fit elves?

> They have both high Willpower and Constitution, but die easy
> (imo of course, I haven't killed any elves to my knowledge;) Instead
> we could simply have extra damage resistance for trolls and reduced damage
> resistance to elves.

I think this is better idea.

> >- Appearance (independet stat) is of course important, not by the system
> >perhaps, but roleplaying-wise.
> This has so little effect on the game, that it can be ignored imo. Also
> remember saying: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

All the same for me actually. Just would increase a bit the RPG-factor,
even it did not matter in the game almost at all.
I remember your saying, but as you know, that saying is not totally
true; I doubt that anyone in the world thinks that Cindy Crawford or
Claudia Schiffer is ugly :>
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