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Subject: Re: About stat system..
From: Ari Miettinen (
Date: Wed Nov 24 1999 - 11:50:23 EET

>Taneli Niko Tikka (Sinister) wrote:
>> On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Atte Koivula wrote:
>I decided to put my idea here, too. Comment if you like. If my idea is
>total crap, forget I even proposed one, but here it goes:
Since you asked so nicely... ;)

I have rearranged the stats, so that related abilities are closer
to each other.

>- Strength (STR)     - physical strength and endurance basically.
>- Constitution (CON) - stamina, toughness and constitution.
Duo: Strength, Constitution: Nice

>- Agility  (AGI)     - ability to move, agility and flexibility.
>- Dexterity (DEX)    - dexterity, sleight of hands, accuracy/precision
>and "eye-hand-coordination".
>- Quickness (QCK)    - quickness, reflxes and initiative.
Trio: Agility, Dexterity, Quickness: I like them. I forgot Dexterity from
my suggestion.

>- Intelligence (INT) - intelligence, perception, reason and insight
>(maybe learning ability as well?).
In my opinion, perception is different than intelligence. Someone may
be very intelligent, but he may be obsessed with his thoughts, and
not pay much attention to his surroundings. His senses may also be
defected. That is why we need one more stat imo:
- Perception (PER)    - Potential to detect things.
Intelligence should indeed affect learning ability, as you suggested.

>- Wisdom (WIS)       - wisdom, knowledge, memory, and processing ability
>of knowledge (like philosophy for instance).
Knowledges imo are skills and Intelligence should affect Knowledge skills
Memory sounds nice, maybe even worth to be a stat on it's own:
- Memory (MEM)        - Potential to remember things, affects learning
			rate and knowledge skills at least.
Processing ability? What is this? It sounds much like intelligence to me.

>- Willpower (WIL)    - power of will, mental strength and psychic
Willpower is a very nice stat. I fully agree.

>- Charisma (CHA)     - charisma, social intelligence, ability as a
>public performer and so on.
Charisma is best simulated by skills in my opinion. All social
things are imo, but the stat could also be interpreted as 
Empathy to feel what others want/think:
- Empathy (EMP)       - Potential to interpret other people's feelings and
			thoughts. Affects most social skills.
Imo, we need some stats to describe magical potential of a species. So, I
add Might from my suggestion:
- Might (MGT)		Potential for Magical things. Imo: Some species
			have high magical potential but are very weak
			in other mental abilities. One such example is Troll.
			Trolls are stupid, but they should have shamans.
			High Might would allow a troll to use magic.

>All these "primary" abilities affect abilities which could be called as
>"secondary abilities".
>There is not necessarily need for these so-called "secondary abilities",
>but I will list some ideas here:
>- Dmg. modifier derives from strength and gives +dmg in combat.
This should simulate natural weaponry only, like claws and such. Otherwise
normal stats (and used weaponry) should be used to determine damage.

>- Toughness (derives from WIL & CON) absorbs dmg (people who have played
>Warhammer Fantasy Role-play should know what I mean).
Toughness could not be derived from Willpower and Constitution because 
of elves. They have both high Willpower and Constitution, but die easy
(imo of course, I haven't killed any elves to my knowledge;) Instead
we could simply have extra damage resistance for trolls and reduced damage
resistance to elves.
>- Appearance (independet stat) is of course important, not by the system
>perhaps, but roleplaying-wise.
This has so little effect on the game, that it can be ignored imo. Also
remember saying: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

>- Magical aptitude would derive from INT, WIS and WIL so all of those
>stats would affect one's natural ability to handle magic etc.
>- Mana could be the sum of INT, WIS and WIL so that all the "mental
>abilities" would affect it.
I would add MGT to the list and change WIS to MEM(ory)

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