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Subject: Re: About stat system..
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Date: Wed Nov 24 1999 - 11:16:54 EET

Taneli Niko Tikka wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Atte Koivula wrote:
> > Uh? Sturdiness was your idea also, and you were the only person who
> > defended that stat back in Majik3...
> I dont remember the actual reanson why i would have done so, but i dont
> think i defended the stat itself, i defended the thing because you wanted
> to ignore such realistic aspects =) or something.. anyways lets make a
> better one now

I think that sturdiness was Mandor's idea, but all the same now. Does
not matter anymore.

I decided to put my idea here, too. Comment if you like. If my idea is
total crap, forget I even proposed one, but here it goes:

- Strength (STR)     - physical strength and endurance basically.
- Agility  (AGI)     - ability to move, agility and flexibility.
- Dexterity (DEX)    - dexterity, sleight of hands, accuracy/precision
and "eye-hand-coordination".
- Quickness (QCK)    - quickness, reflxes and initiative.
- Constitution (CON) - stamina, toughness and constitution.
- Intelligence (INT) - intelligence, perception, reason and insight
(maybe learning ability as well?).
- Wisdom (WIS)       - wisdom, knowledge, memory, and processing ability
of knowledge (like philosophy for instance).
- Willpower (WIL)    - power of will, mental strength and psychic
- Charisma (CHA)     - charisma, social intelligence, ability as a
public performer and so on.

All these "primary" abilities affect abilities which could be called as
"secondary abilities".
There is not necessarily need for these so-called "secondary abilities",
but I will list some ideas here:
- Dmg. modifier derives from strength and gives +dmg in combat.
- Toughness (derives from WIL & CON) absorbs dmg (people who have played
Warhammer Fantasy Role-play should know what I mean).
- Appearance (independet stat) is of course important, not by the system
perhaps, but roleplaying-wise.
- Magical aptitude would derive from INT, WIS and WIL so all of those
stats would affect one's natural ability to handle magic etc.
- Mana could be the sum of INT, WIS and WIL so that all the "mental
abilities" would affect it.

Well, just some ideas. Secondary abilities are not necessary at all, but
would add a bit more "depth" to stat system.
Just my ideas, so throw me some feedback about them.
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