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Subject: Re: About stat system..
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Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 09:35:57 EET

Tommi Leino wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Ari Miettinen wrote:
> > >Do we really need a stat for learning rate?
> > I don't know. That was just one of the suggested attributes. It would
> > affect things you remember from reading books and hearing stories:
> > Dragon Lore, Devil Lore, Legend Lore and so on..
> Learning rate can be used for checking how well you learn Lore's by
> reading books and otherwise we will use the RL person's Memory attribute.

Yes, that is a good example.
We could also use MEM for remembering certain features and information
about races, places, equipment, lores etc. For example, if a PC
encounters a manticore and he has faced a manticore before, he could
remember something about it, like that it has poisonous tail or
something (of course, only if he has figured it out by reading a book or
through his last encounter). This is to help player to remember things
which his character would remember even if the player did not. I do not
know if this is hard to code, but an idea anyway.

> > >> - Empathy (EMP)            Potential to sense, what other people think
> > >>                               / feel emotionally
> > >
> > >I would like to see some examples in what kind of skills the Empathy stat
> > >really could be used.
> > Just about all social skills, for example:
> > Leadership, Diplomacy, Interrogation, Seduction, Sense Deception
> Do we really need a skill for all those? Those are much that the RL person
> does. I don't really want to "use diplomacy at aluna" as I can't really
> specify in that what I really want to speak of. Same for all else.

Well, I think we need those. Player != player character, so even if PC
does not know all the customs in certain culture, he would not be total
Another example, we have a character called Aran. He is from a rich
noble family and he has been with his father on his father's diplomatic
missions and so he has learned some basic customs about the Nerite
culture. Neriteans may have some "weird" customs and habits from Aran's
point of view, but since he has this etiquette or diplomatic behavior
-skill, he DOES understand that Neriteans always drink their national
drink Ugat (which in this case is something like vodka) when they do
business with other races. Denying to drink a Ugat shot would be a
terrible mistake: so bad offensive act that it could ruin totally the
business between Neriteans and Aran's family or even his race/culture.
How is PC supposed to know to drink that Ugat shot in order to do
business if he did not have such skills?
Just an example of situation where PC's and player's knowledge and
information is simpy on the same. Social skills should NOT decide
exactly what the PC does nor they should put specific words in
character's mouth in order, but they should help the player to roleplay
his character wisely.

> > *shrugs* That would increase Constitution's importance a lot, probably
> > making it much more important than most of the other stats => out of balance.
> > .. Yes, I know most of you think that balance is unnecessary, well, imo
> > you are wrong.
> Religious magic is not channeling, it is something placed inside you: Your
> Might. The truenames (real magic) then are channeling and for them you
> would need Consititution and the truename magic are very hard to learn and
> the constitution would be just a small modifier, if your constitution
> fails, the spell can kill you. Willpower is an another stat that could be
> used for this. In any case, I tried to say that it is not so unbalanced if
> using it would be rare and hard to learn. In Majik, we don't really have
> 50% of fighters and 50% of magic-users (religious included), instead we
> more likely have most of them just ordinary (non magic-users as primary
> profession) people, adventurers, fighters or whatever that may all posses
> religious magic to some degree or are at least in some way involved with
> their gods. Real mages are rare but powerful.

I think we *should* use WIL instead of con, since was it channeling or
not, WIL stands also for mental STRENGTH and ENDURANCE, thus it would
point out if the caster can channel this magic or not. If WIL fails then
it is up to CON if the PC's body can hold the pressure. Hell, in my
system there are wounds that are basically hit points and they consist
of WIL and CON, since it is just not physical ability when you fight the
pain but also mental strength is needed. Just my opinion and probably
you all disagree with me since it has *always* been so that CON, and
only CON, affects one's hit points and toughness.
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