Re: Starting locations

Subject: Re: Starting locations
From: McDuff (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 00:28:13 EET

>Leave it to the limey to crash my computer. That .jpg file was a mess.
>Anyway the red circle for the "evil" races should be in Nalor Thaan.

Great - 2nd day back and I get insulted.  None of the JPEGs crashed _my_
'puter, and I'm running Win95 glued together with shewing gum, for pity's
sake.  You must have some serious crap on your 'puter there, hook.  Anyway,
as I said in the Email, the red only indicates a starting point, not whether
it is for anybody or not.  Besides, we're not having "good" and "evil," but
cultural startups.

>The city of Thome is located on the east coast of Nalor Thaan. Look at
>this map:

much obliged for the info


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