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Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 11:11:47 EET

Atte Koivula wrote:

> Beep! Wrong, Ghalimcar will have a tribe of Brahjians. There is only one
> dwarven settlement in entire Majik and it is in Gwaelmar. 

This is fine but I fail to see why there is only one dwarf tribe. It
wasn't clear in your desc.

> Lamarhen lacks
> the vicinity of such races as the trolls, the Skyghaim barbarians, the
> real elves of Sol'Daran and surely the orcs wouldn't venture beyond the
> areas of their dreaded enemies of Althainon and Nin'Calaris?

You could get by the althainions with 100 devisions of tanks unnoticed
as long as they didn't travel right through where they are growing which
is very predictible becouse they follow the orbit of the floating
islands. This is the same for the Areon region which like althainon is
sparcely populated even in pre cataclism times and localized in specific
areas. As for Nin'calaris i don't know, little has been done in
describing it.  But the point is Orcs can get by the Althainions and
Areons they just can't kick them out of their respectable regions (yet
anyway :) ).

You are right about Sol'Daran, Skyghaim, and trolls though.
> I am still quite strongly against a single starting location so if
> you'll excuse my reluctance, I simply think there SHOULD BE different
> starting locations for different people due to a number of reasons.

This is fine. Let me rephrase my proposal to "lets have Lamarhen as ONE
of the starting areas and the one we focus our attention on at the
moment" I would also like to ask how many start areas would you like
there to be? I would think beyond 4 would be to many.
> Well... Gods such as me, Mandor and Sinister really can't be represented
> in any public place, our temples are very scarce in number and hidden in
> nature. Surely most societies wouldn't want to watch their kinsmen
> performing a perverse impurity ritual or even try to accept it? Whereas
> good Gods are followed by a legion of worshippers, the evil Gods only
> enjoy the devotion of a fraction of their numbers, but our worshippers
> are usually strongly fanatic and hence much more useful to us.

That is fine also but somewhere in ALL starting locations ( notice the
plural) there should be some followers or temple or information about
these gods.

Joshua 'hook' Corning

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