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Subject: Re: region of focus
From: Ari Miettinen (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 10:26:36 EET

>I am still quite strongly against a single starting location so if
>you'll excuse my reluctance, I simply think there SHOULD BE different
>starting locations for different people due to a number of reasons.

I suggest that we have two or maybe three starting locations. One could be Lamarken
as Hook suggested (for humans and maybe some other species (Mostly the kind who are
traditionally considered Neutral), the second place could be starting location
for the so called Evil species and the third one place for Good species.
The main reason for limited number of starting locations: If we have only 
few starting locations, we may actually have a game in our hands some day.
The goodie place is the most optional of the three imho. Evil place is
not necessarily a town / city, but generally an area in which the evils roam.

>> - We need some monsters. These settlements should be sparse which is not
>> hard because of the immense size of the map. Make them somewhat isolated
>> in small clusters. I already have one idea for putting a few small
>> settlements along the northern coast of the Niral sea that are havens
>> for pirates. This way monsters can roam in between the different
>> settlement clusters with impunity in the wild areas and give players a
>> challenge when they go out into the wilds after the cataclysm.
>Pirates are believable monsters, I am excited about this idea.
If civilization is in ruins, pirates have to attack remaining settlements,
since ship travel is sparse.. there is nowhere to go. But pirates are
not a bad idea. Groups of highwaymen / bandits should also be considered.

>> - All the gods should be represented. Because of the mix of cultures
>> found in Lamarhen there should be a good mix of the religions found
>> here. Temples or at least the rubble of temples should be found here in
>> abundance.
>Well... Gods such as me, Mandor and Sinister really can't be represented
>in any public place, our temples are very scarce in number and hidden in
>nature. Surely most societies wouldn't want to watch their kinsmen
>performing a perverse impurity ritual or even try to accept it? Whereas
>good Gods are followed by a legion of worshippers, the evil Gods only
>enjoy the devotion of a fraction of their numbers, but our worshippers
>are usually strongly fanatic and hence much more useful to us.

Evil gods could have their temples in Evil areas, and some priests/converters
could roam Neutral / Good areas doing their evil work / spreading the evil
word - secretly of course.

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