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Subject: Re: Cataclysm
From: Pekka Toppi (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 13:24:10 EET

On 19 Nov 1999, Mikkonen Jani wrote:

> As we can't place 1000+ NPCs around the world of Majik, and completely ready
> and detailed kingdoms would be boring to play in and very strenuous to produce,
> me and Harum came up with the following idea, which solves a number of problems,
> server load among them.
> When Majik opens up, the first players wake up (maybe few npc:s also
> in a few cities, in the middle of ruins. Stripes of dire, black smoke and
> the sparkling lights of dying fires can be seen here and there, the sky is
> red and black, maybe a few scorched stone buildings are still partially
> standing.
> The players remember nothing of what has happed, until they hear
> cries of desperation (sage): "Oh ye who waketh in destruction and
> mayhem! The world has come to an end today, and there's no hope to
> be seen in these cursed lands! Yet, it is our place to rise forth again,
> together, and discover that which was lost... (blahblah)". A sage
> starts telling what was before the cataclysm and suggests the players
> to search for signs of other living things, start to rebuild the city,
> find ancient writings that may have survived the Fire. Outside the
> cities there's a desolate, scorched scenery (Sol'Daran could be just
> a plain of tree stumps, maybe a few saplings every here and there to
> cheer things up a little), humanoid corpses lying here and there, some
> in grotesk poses due to unbearable pain, some hanging from the Gods'
> statues etc...
> This all means that there happened another cataclysm that changed the present
> world much. (first cataclysm was that where ancients disappeared) Sages' role
> at the beginning is important as I mentioned. There should be however animals
> and
> few npc:s so that the world wouldn't be too empty.
> - Brethel -
The idea sounds good. I have an idea for the starting. 
What if there would be places that survived the cataclysm, "havens" they
could be explained as places where the influence of sages was so great
that they were left standing. They would contain relics and other
important stuff and players would look for them, sages could even ask
players to search for certain havens and bring things back to the sages.
There would also be another type of "haven", a place where two realities
have collided during the cataclysm, those would be "havens" of the
ancients long gone. And because the collision, they would be accessible
like normal areas. For example, in the middle of a burned plain there
would be a small area of dark forest, surrounded by a strange "field" (you
know, that liquid kinda stuff which lets you pass through) inside the
forest there would be a structure, haven. In these places PCs would feel
uneasy, maybe they would even suffer from the sudden change of plane. And
maybe there could be guardians of some sort. Maybe every haven of this
sort could have a theme like 'Haven of earth' or 'Haven of light',
powerful magical places hard to get to and harder to get out of.

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