Re: where the kids have seen things that we ain't never seen

Subject: Re: where the kids have seen things that we ain't never seen
From: McDuff (
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 18:48:25 EEST

>I would like to have something ready once per month, otherwise the goal
>is always just too far ahead and that decreases motivation. Also, I do
>that the current milestone plan wasn't as good as it should have been, it
>had many flaws on it. It was only a draft for designers to check out if it
>is possible to do the tasks in that order. The region and the race
>should have been of utmost importance, in short only of course, to give an
>overview of the world. It is hard then to add things like languages and
>to the world without those described first.

Fine  -  I agree with that.

>"The Regions of Majik in short" is still the most important task we have in
>this milestone and it should be done ASAP. Someone should take it over from
>Belemar. It is a huge task indeed so we might want to do it all together.

Well, instead of giving one person the whole world, why not give people a
fraction of the map, divide it into a grid, and let people put their name
down for a grid reference, or more if they feel they can handle it.  I think
that we should be able to get this done quickly, though, so if people put
their name down for multiple grids they had better be sure of being able to
meet the deadline - and getting it taken off them if they don't meet it.

Also, if Beregar is breaking his back to get the weather done, we need to
make sure that the region fits the climate!  This could all be beaten out in
IRC sometime.

>Ok. Let's decide the date, once per week on Wednesday, just before the
>status report?

Well, It has to be either after 1800 GMT if I'm going to be able to be
there, unless someone just wants to send me the transcripts!  Apart from
that, Wed is fine with me.

>> Finally, if you are a god and you don't want to write a desc of your
>> heaven/hell, give me permission to write an appropriate heaven for you.
>> you just send me your god's name and approximate sphere of influence,
>> I'll think of something suitable and write it in my dulcet tones :)).
>We might want to describe our gods before those.

Well, OK, I thought these had already been done.  If this is the case, do
you want to leave the life/death/heaven things until the regions and races
have been done, whereupon all the Gods will write their descriptions and
plug a bit about heaven into them?  Okeydoke?

Races-wise, there are still 2 unassigned and the ones that are assigned are
dropping short of target.  Do the people who are doing them still want them?
If these are now priorities (as they probably should be), then we need to
get these all assigned and done!  I recall Yorkaturr got most of the Dwarf
stuff done, what's happening here now?  Also, Jormap has been a month
without progress on the Trolls (he was 3 weeks out at status report 4) and I
think he should post what he's done and let someone else take over.

No-one seems to want to do Orcs & Humans, why?  I thought Yorkaturr was the
Orc's god, what's going on there?

Sorry if the last bit was a bit whiney - I just want to get stuff done, and
people appear to just put their names down for stuff and then not do them.
Sorry if you have been working and I just don't know about it.


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