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Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 12:23:45 EET

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> > Yes, this sounds very good indeed. First I thought that "What the hell?
> > What happened to the Avatars?" but they were explained here, too.
> > And those examples were very good indeed (I remember especially that
> > summoning in Conan the Destroyer -movie and that really was great).
> > But back to the point...
> > I think that Avatars should not exists in the world as npc's ever,
> > instead, these avatars would be these "summonable" creatures and avatars
> > of really powerful gods (at least gods and greater gods) could enter the
> > world by themselves in certain occasions (ie. maybe there is a great war
> > going on and god of war, Harum, could then enter the world because the
> > MIGHT/POWER/"FORCE" is so great in the world that it would work as a
> > 'portal' for Harum and thus he could enter the world of mortals).
> > Of course, this descending of an Avatar should be *very rare* unless
> > especially summoned by a mortal through a religious ritual and if these
> > rituals were disturbed (or otherwise failed) they could accidentally
> > open a portal to another dimension possibly, maybe to a such dimension
> > with horrible demons, for example.
> One idea for the differences between summoned avatars and god comming to
> earth avatars is that it costs alot of god-points (i forgot the real
> name) for a god to come to mortal plain at will but if they are summoned
> it costs little or no points.

Um, yes, I had exactly the same in my mind but I forgot to mention it.
And those points were called as "divine points" (DP) if I do not recall

> This way if a lesser god wants to make it to mortal plain he can
> get some sap to help him out. But the elder gods
> have enough points to do it but at a great cost.


> I would also like to stress that it should be very hard to summon a god.
> Special componants are needed (like in conan it was that horn thing and
> it had to be placed on the statue at a certian time) and a good well
> learned priest should have to be there. Im sure there are more ways to
> make this hard for mortals to do but i can't think of any at the moment.

Yep and the greater the god, the harder to summon that god.
Ie. avatars of demigods are far more easier to be summoned than those of
greater gods.
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