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From: Atte Koivula (yorkaturr@majik3d.org)
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 12:20:17 EET

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> > Yes, this sounds very good indeed. First I thought that "What the hell? > What happened to the Avatars?" but they were explained here, too. > And those examples were very good indeed (I remember especially that > summoning in Conan the Destroyer -movie and that really was great). > But back to the point... > I think that Avatars should not exists in the world as npc's ever, > instead, these avatars would be these "summonable" creatures and avatars > of really powerful gods (at least gods and greater gods) could enter the > world by themselves in certain occasions (ie. maybe there is a great war > going on and god of war, Harum, could then enter the world because the > MIGHT/POWER/"FORCE" is so great in the world that it would work as a > 'portal' for Harum and thus he could enter the world of mortals). > Of course, this descending of an Avatar should be *very rare* unless > especially summoned by a mortal through a religious ritual and if these > rituals were disturbed (or otherwise failed) they could accidentally > open a portal to another dimension possibly, maybe to a such dimension > with horrible demons, for example. One idea for the differences between summoned avatars and god comming to earth avatars is that it costs alot of god-points (i forgot the real name) for a god to come to mortal plain at will but if they are summoned it costs little or no points. This way if a lesser god wants to make it to mortal plain he can get some sap to help him out. But the elder gods have enough points to do it but at a great cost. I would also like to stress that it should be very hard to summon a god. Special componants are needed (like in conan it was that horn thing and it had to be placed on the statue at a certian time) and a good well learned priest should have to be there. Im sure there are more ways to make this hard for mortals to do but i can't think of any at the moment. Joshua 'hook' corning hook@majik3d.org

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