Re: Between darkness and light...

Subject: Re: Between darkness and light...
From: Kim Kunnas (
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 15:54:01 EEST

> Also, no-one has mentioned moons and their effects on Majik.  I think that
> we should decide on a Majik system and try and organise it so that we can
> see what goes on.  In fact - that's what we need to do!!!!  Moons affect
> climate as much as sun, and who says that we only have one moon?  If we can
> decide on a system, I can model it and post the animation on Majik so that
> people can see what stages of the moon, different seasons etc would look
> like, and decide from there how much that affects the seasons.  Actually,
> does Majik need only one sun?  Can we have Majik in a binary system or some
> such thing?  Think about this.

We have two moons. We had little name fight earlier but I think they are Narcos
and Khizanth (or was it Afay?). Another is dark and another bright (eh, no ripoffs
from dlance:)

- Beregar (

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