Re: Between darkness and light...

Subject: Re: Between darkness and light...
From: McDuff (
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 15:32:16 EEST

>well, for me it seems that magic is usually build around combat so why
>we break rules and build it around climate?

Isn't Majik all about breaking rules and creating something new, anyway?
I'm definitely with Beregar on this one.

>ok, after a while thinking I agree that it was quite bad idea. Maybe we
>keep that normal season model. (mainly because I don't want start again
>previous mail wars :). Just last comment about this thing, creatures in
Majik ha
>ve not evolved! they are creation of the Gods and who knows why gods make
>what they make. I think it's a big mistake to be too logical, I agree that
>and normal living should be logical but there can be still huge difference
>ween majik, normal world AND fantasy worlds and I think these differences
>should be visible in larger scale, so far, majik hasn't offered anything
>from other fantasy worlds (for example we have different magic system, but
>what's new is in magic, every fantasy world possess magic?).

EXACTLY!!  I don't think it was a bad idea, I just think that people need to
take a bit of a step back and think "are we making a new Earth, or are we
putting stuff into Majik that's great and wouldn't normally get done?"  It's
a big flaw in people's thinking to not do something just because it can't be
done - even in real life, not doing something because you can't do it is a
surefire way to never get anything done.  I think that having winter being
permanently dark will actually add so much to the game that it would be
criminal not to put it in.  If we are going to make Majik more than just a
MUD with fancy graphics, we need inventive stuff that breaks away from the

Also, no-one has mentioned moons and their effects on Majik.  I think that
we should decide on a Majik system and try and organise it so that we can
see what goes on.  In fact - that's what we need to do!!!!  Moons affect
climate as much as sun, and who says that we only have one moon?  If we can
decide on a system, I can model it and post the animation on Majik so that
people can see what stages of the moon, different seasons etc would look
like, and decide from there how much that affects the seasons.  Actually,
does Majik need only one sun?  Can we have Majik in a binary system or some
such thing?  Think about this.


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