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Subject: Re: radical departure
From: Taneli Niko Tikka (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 16:28:02 EET

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Tommi Leino wrote:

> > Hahhah this is totally twisted. Gods and sages dont have to support our
> > kindoms or empires, they do it themselfs. And there is nothing artificial
> > about them, npcs are just as real as are players.
> But NPCs are stupid.

This is the most common mistake of RPG players. usually made by newbie
players. But the fact is that there is only a few RPG players that seem to
have got this. 

The intelligence of your character DOES NOT equal you intelligence !=
A smart player playing a stupid troll WILL play his character stupid, if
he roleplays. If he plays that stupid troll smart, then it isnt
roleplaying but just general hack & slash mudding with no real sense in

A stupid player playing a smart wizard will play his character as a smart
old man. If the character is also stupid because of the player then the
whole idea of RPG is totally lost. that isnt a ROLE anymore.. its just

> Better than nothing. I do not want to wait the world being finished when
> the engine is ready, as happened with the Majik 4, besides, there will be
> no disaster if we do it right. Also, it can be more fun. For example, the
> creator of Ultima Online has said that when they let the players to do
> their own cities, these cities became more interesting than the ones made
> by the developers. Just an simple example proof of concept.

Yes i agree on this partly. Lets not start with an empty world. but
instead do as harum and me have proposed. lets create enough stuff in the
world to start with. This is the "dynamic starting setting" iv been
harping bollocks about. Lets create some races, some lands, some kindoms,
some politics, some organizations etc.. with then can be twisted into
anything by the players that have the power to do it. it does take a
little power to wipe out the most powerful wizards organization in the
world.. or to completely destroy the church of sinister.


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