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Subject: Re: radical departure
From: Sinister Serpent (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 16:30:14 EET

Taneli Niko Tikka wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, joshua 'hook' corning wrote:
> > advantage over these games i feel becouse it gives the player complete
> > freedom to do what they want to do. Have you ever played d and d and you
> > want your thief to run off and rob a house but can't becouse the other
> > players want to get on with the adventure that the DM has prepared and
> > the DM dosn't have the time for your theif's side adventure. In majik
> > this should not be a problem.
> this isnt a problem in real RPGs either. if it is you have a really really
> bad GM, one that shouldnt even be leading games cause apparently he has no
> clue what so ever how to do it.

I totally agree on this. If this kind of things happened in real RPG,
then the GM sucks big time.
Characters can decide what they do, there are no plot or certain
"adventures" that decides characters' actions from them.

> > This also makes majik unstable. No DM means the players can do waht they
> > want to and if that is the case what prevents them from ignoring our
> > desc and doing what the hell they want. Sure we could try to design
> > viable sociaties for the players but that is near imposible becouse
> > there is no way we can forsee all the factors that effect those
> > sociaties until the game is running. My proposal would make it so that
> > the players make the societies within the game that way they would be
> > viable becouse they did take in all the factors that exist.
> The point is that players cant do what they want. They cant kill all gods
> in the first hour of their game. They cant run to an emperors castle and
> kill everyone in sight and get away with it. The existing settings and
> pure reason make it quite impossible. But you dont seem to get this.

I agree, again. There are limits what a character can do and what it can
I think a PC should feel very tiny when compared to the world, at least
in the beginning. PC's are basically no better than the NPC's, except
they act more intellectual way, most likely, but they do NOT create
guilds, build cities etc. etc. just like that just because they are
If the game is made too easy for PC's, it is our fault.
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