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Subject: Re: radical departure
From: Otso Makinen (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 12:47:22 EET

What Hook is trying to point out makes much sense to me. First there's the
simple fact that filling the known world of Majik would simple takes too
much time, several years at best. If we won't allow players to enter the
world before this all is done, I'm pretty sure it never gets done. We must
start small, with few starting locations and place all the interesting
locations near enough to be found. Even if we had the whole world ready we
had to place the initial players near each other or they would never find
each other (dealing with extremely stupid NPC's just can't replace real
players). Since we have quite huge land area in our use, we can easily add
areas while the world is running without players ever noticing
cities/villages/whatever appearing from nowhere.

And about developing societies. If we place players in a ready world we must
make to world quite static or the players will break it. If players are
allowed to make history they'll crash the initial world in less than a week.
Most cities build by designers would soon be ruins if we want to make it
possible to destroy cities. We just can't throw players in and assume
they'll immediately adjust to the world unless it is forced to them. We are
talking about real societies here, with real people in them, and such
societies must develop gradually. We can't force players to obey rules,
while at the same time allowing them to make their own. Luckily, we can use
sages as a great  tool to guide development of the world to a direction we
want it to go. Think them as Gandalfs and Fizbans who can make great changes
with just a little adjustments.

If we have to constantly remind elves that they like living in woods and not
in caves, telling that that's just the way elves are, we have made a mistake
somewhere. If we want to have elves living in forests we must make the race
so that to best place for them to be is in the forest. If the only reason
for a player to play different races differently is just because they're
told to so, it will not work.

I could write much more on this, but I'll better stop before the text is
still readable.

Otso Mäkinen / Majik 3D Project

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