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Subject: Re: radical departure
From: Atte Koivula (
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 19:35:33 EET

> What we should do is let social darwinism do the work for us. Let the
> players choose where to build while playing the game. let the players
> set up churches and desipher the role of the gods. screw the who namhas
> is the god of balance and mandor is the god of evil and azlok is a demon
> created by the old gods to fight the new gods. Let the game determine
> history and the roles that the individuual gods play. If mandor wants to
> be the evil god then he should have to tell the players that he is and
> see who worships him. Lets have the game start at the begining: day one
> rooms crash game starts. if gods want a church or want his followers to
> have swords then he/she will have to teach them. also don't dictate what
> or how the races and species act let the players decide. If a large
> group wants orcs to be magic using city dwellers then let them be. if
> dwarves want to live in tree forts then let them.

Absolutely not! There are a number of problems of which some I will
discuss below:

- Why on earth would the Gods have created HIGHLY specialized races and
then tell them to find their place in the world? For kicks? The way I
see it, all the races of Majik have evolved into what they are now, at
least to some extent, be it in the social or physical sense. The only
way this would work is the scenario that we have ONE generic, adaptible
race in the beginning. Then we code a system for genetic/mental
evolvement and play the game for 10000 years and see where the code has
taken us.

- There would never be any kind of population centers such as towns,
villages etc because we would require to have at least a 500,000 player
base in order to make it believable. Byebye myth, byebye adventure.
Sure, we could have that amount of NPCs in the start, but who could code
a sociological engine to simulate their individual actions and buy us
the 2000 Sun E10000 Starfires that we would need to handle that amount
of information. We could ease the pain of this system by coding a
possibility for the players to have offspring of their own, but it's
better not to even start if we consider the eminent problems of that
particular system.

- Players would be completely clueless, lost, helpless and have nothing
to do whatsoever. The Gods would need to teach them how to eat, sleep
and shit, which is not my idea of a God. In the best possible scenario,
this would lead to the Gods chasing naughty mortals for kicks and the
game turning into a very developed pkill MUD.

- Most of the ideas you suggested are already possible. The players CAN
form cities, churches etc, it's just that it's impossible to find
something to do apart from fighting in the beginning if there is NO
world whatsoever.

/Atte "Yorkaturr" Koivula <>

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