Subject: world
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 19:18:28 EET

My suggestion for the world: 
Majik's world is a dimension which is infinite in all the directions. If
you go all the way up, you will never reach the end, you will see only the
sky which doesn't come any closer no matter how far you travel. The same
applies for all the other directions. At the center of this dimension is
the world where the living people usually live in. Practically it is a
"flat world" accompanied by a half-spherical sky and half-spherical
ground that are both endless but their form can be seen, at least the
sky's (for the normal folk).  As the ground is endless too, it would be
possible to have a hole in the ground with no bottom, magically created of
course. If one walks off the landscape, there would be no edge, only
endless sea. If in the future we would need more landscape, it could be
added there without making the sphere larger.

Around the dimension of Majik there are other dimensions. One doesn't need
to go to any edge and "break the wall", instead one can just create a gate
wherever applicable and step through it. So, in reality, the Majik's
dimension doesn't have any physical edges, even when the dimensional shape
can be distinguished as a sphere. The world is spherical just because a
water drop is spherical too, a force keeping it all together. It couldn't
be any other shape. If a giant hand would touch the "bubble", it would
wobble and quickly restore the form, unless it would be more powerful than
Namhas (who keeps the shape together), the bubble would break - the end of
the world, and thus, not too wise to challenge the greater gods.
The things we see in the sky are just images and reflections, not any real
physical objects floating in the space. We just write a myth for them. For
example, Aluna being the sun etc. Practically the world would look much
like the same as the real world in all aspects, in reality it just would
be similar with the medieval ideology. As we are a medieval fantasy-theme
world and have the gods real and other things, then we need to have things
like a flat world and dimensions reality too. This is a fantasy world, not
a science fiction one. Using real world's scientific ideology wouldn't
just fit the theme. There shouldn't really be any drastical problems when
changing the world to adopt this world model, unless the described people
doesn't use any too modern ways of for example, navigation. All things
that worked in the medieval times, should work in Majik too. If one
doesn't, we create a myth for it describing why it wouldn't work or how it
would work. 

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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