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Subject: Re: Between darkness and light...
From: Kim Kunnas (
Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 18:29:19 EEST

McDuff wrote:

> A thought just struck me <blam> :))
> The sun doesn't just provide light, it provides heat, and if a part of the
> world is in darkness for 6 months, you're either going to have every part of
> the world which ends up completely frozen for about 4 months, unless you can
> think of some way of solving this, like a complex system of underground
> geysers or a highly active tectonic system to release heat.

That was also one point in my suggestion: No sun =  no warmth = winter every
where, except! near the lava lakes (couldn't figure better word:) or in the areas
where appears to be heavy volcanic activity. I think some spells could be use
ful too.

> Also, would it be too off the wall to assume that, If Majik is a Globe, then
> the map could be considered to be 1/4 or the surface.  Looking at the
> terrains, it certainly appears that the Mals to the North are kind of
> arctic, and the terrain gets more equatorial to the South.  If this was
> true, it could mean that during the game the world could be expanded by
> 300%, and if that ran out we could always think of some magic to make more
> space :)))  I don't think that space is something we're going to run out of
> soon, but it does need considering.


- Beregar (

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