Subject: Libraries
From: Mikkonen Jani (
Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 12:50:00 EET

joshua 'hook' corning  wrote:

>A word on libraries. It is impossible for us to fill these libraries by
>ourselves. Most "books" will have to be short desriptions of what is in
>the book. Also my idea for non-majik related books would be to fill
>libraries with books and writing from the real world but we should put
>rules on it. First rule would be it can't be copyrighted. the Hobbit
>cannot be in a library. second only non-religiouse works can be alowed.
>the bible or tora or karan or paridise lost would conflict with the fake
>religionions in majik. Im am thinking of putting stuff like makivelies
>the prince or some of edger allen poe stuff in libraries.

That short description - thing is usable, I think that was used in i.e. Ultima
VII. Just
few pages from beginning or/and valuable information needed to complete quests
We can take part of the Hobbit or some other book to library, _if_ the source
is clearly mentioned and we need those.

- Brethel -

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