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Subject: Re: About map
From: Mikkonen Jani (
Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 12:50:00 EET


>What finnal text i have never seen or heard of a desc of any of the
>above mentioned regions could someone please send me a copy

The document about Thalamon is over here
htm , but it's NOT ready, that translation  sucks (must check it out soon) and
I haven't read the additions that Eleril made (there is some oddities :)
because of that bad font in worldmap {my mistake, not your fault :( } , like
growing lake, what is supposed to be gnawing lake {mosquitos, you know ;)}. It
should however give some idea what i have done.

Eleril, you can continue that castle in the mountains.
Mandor, about the history of gods. I still think there should have been
god/goddess of dawn,
cause there was Dalia, goddess of twilight. And that flying room, I propose
that it should be
renamed to temple or something like that, room is _lame_ name.

- Brethel -

PS. I add one computermade pic I've made


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