Re: water and days

Subject: Re: water and days
From: McDuff (
Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 15:24:35 EEST

My private discussions with Beregar weren't really saying anything new - the
stuff about the water had already been put in design, and Beregar mentioned
that he'd lost some mails from me.  That's all, sorry if you thought we were
keeping it out of your way.  Everything else in that mail was stuff specific
to me or Beregar, no one else would have found it interesting or been able
to add stuff to it - it was mostly about lost mails and things!  In the
previous mail between me and him, there was some stuff that other people
could have known about, so I've repeated it in my last mail to design.

In addition to the last one, if we adopt the new system or not, I'd like to
spend this month doing the planet & continents within, and the timeline.
Now, I will need more help than just the map, but, looking at the worldbook,
once these are done it provides a solid base for everything else to be built
on.  I will ask for more specific info regarding this if I get these, mostly
from the people who are in charge of the PC races.  Any info you want to
send me in advance would be appreciated *hint* :))


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