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Subject: Fw: underlight
From: Jonathan Koehn (Eleril) (dgkoehn@gbasin.net)
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 16:50:06 EEST

Heres the harn 3d (bloodline)  address it seems its a single player (if its
develope as a single player it would be much harder to make a good
multiplayer) and possiblly multiplayer.

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> > http://www.underlight.com, read it over, all the docs and
> > all. The devs there have the exactly same mind as i do!
> I am getting quite concerned with all the upcoming 3d rpg\'s.
> It states in the latest Pelit-magazine that there will be a
> 3d rpg based on Harn (a fairly popular and one of the most
> realistic pencil & paper role-playing games), with stuff
> like players being born as children and growing up and
> having offspring of their own etc. Harn is a low fantasy
> game in which a warrior is more likely to die from a wound
> infection than in glorious battle, which is what we are
> doing with Majik3D as well (hopefully!). I wasn\'t able to
> find information on the Web about Harn 3D, but if everything
> in the article is correct and reliable, it is going to be
> the toughest rpg world yet to beat in realism and atmosphere
> (Harnworld is one of the most detailed rpg worlds in
> existence).
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