Re: Resigning.

Subject: Re: Resigning.
From: Jerry 'Sinister' Kurunen (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 15:55:55 EEST


> Cor, Blimey Guv'nor!!!  Did I just kill Sinister??

No. Your request to do the descriptions had nothing to do about my
resigning, it just "triggered" me to write my e-mail. I have not read my
Majik e-mails for months now, and I think I have no time to mess with
Majik in near future, if ever.

> I didn't think it was that hard a request. 

It was not hard request in any way, but I just realized how little
interest and time I had for Majik at the moment. I was already writing
it, but then I decided not to write it anymore since there were only a
couple of lines of text ready and I did not think it was not enough.

> None of the other gods are gonna leave and set up shop
> at Dunmanifestin with roses over the door, are you??

At the moment, I could not care less.
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