Re: Old gods, new gods, ancients, structure of reality.

Subject: Re: Old gods, new gods, ancients, structure of reality.
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Subject: Old gods, new gods, ancients, structure of reality.

> The world of majik today :
> Today the creation has been done a long time ago. New gods have long been
> in power and the world is full of races, and life. (and unlife), the elder
> gods play powerful roles in the universe, and right below them come the
> elder gods. The sages wander the world and do as they see fit. Sages also
> serve the gods and interact with them, vast majority of sages interact
> with new gods and know them better, but few are servants of the elders.
> The races of the world live their lives and worship the gods.
> And our brave players ofcourse adventure alot :)
Sounds good :)
>Their powers however dont mach that of the
>gods but their knowledge is _VAST_ and their mastery over the art of magic
>is near perfect. Of course ancients and sages vary in power, but sages are
>usually the most powerful of ancients. They have taken the forms of
>legendary beasts, wandering wise men..
> and they usually keep multiple
sounds good :)

>forms. They dont possess the powers of gods, they dont have a vast power
>reserve of magical-essence but they do control it well.
Do they get their magic from them self or do they know how to get it from
around them.

>they know magic,
>and they have knowledge. and they know gods.

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