Old gods, new gods, ancients, structure of reality.

Subject: Old gods, new gods, ancients, structure of reality.
From: Taneli Tikka (ttikka@icon.fi)
Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 17:13:59 EEST

I continue my previous message here, and quote myself.

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Taneli Tikka wrote:

> We had a little chat today with namhas, beregar, hook and me including. We
> chatted about reality structure and real events on creation. Some of these
> things are also based on what was agreed on before with Yorkaturr/others
> How reality is formed in the world of majik?
> Just like in quantum physics playing with very small parts of the
> universe.. also majik universe has these small parts, but everything is
> finally build from the same thing, from the stuff that forms reality.
> Lets call that thing a prime particle or PP in this mail. these prime
> particles form patterns, and petterns form things and whole systems.
> Patterns like time, matter, energy, mind, spirit, space, everything are
> constructed from prime particles.Like a mind of a person forexample.. its
> a complex thing of creation.. formed from a complex pattern - that is a
> vast group of PPs creating the pattern of mind. These PPs are the same
> thing as the essence of magic or magical-essence, building blocks of
> reality. Just like everything inside a computer is made of 1s and 0s
> binary logic, boolean algebra. bits 1s and 0s form bytes, bytes form
> letters, letters form functions, functions form objects, objects from
> programs etc.. Majik universe is constructed the same way, the smallest
> building block is this prime particle, or magical-essence.. that creates
> patterns of life, time, matter, energy, space, mind, spirit.. etc.. that
> together form wholes. 
> When you cast a spell, when you do magic - you really manipulate or
> control the prime particles creating the whole reality. Thou only rare
> mages are able to work in this meta-physical level manipulating SINGLE PPs
> instead of that the manipulation of patterns (that are constructed from
> PPs) is much more usual. Like a mind spell that read a persons mind:
> basicly what it does is that it opens the targets pattern of mind for the
> caster to see, or connects the casters mind to the targets (where he is
> then able to read memories etc).. Do note that not only magic is
> constructed this way but _EVERYTHING_ within the creation (world of majik)
> is. Psionic powers and spell-like abilities, anything, follow the same
> basic rules. They just do the manipulation of energy feed in various
> different ways. 
> The real events of the creation :
> First there was Namhas in the void. Perpahs only he knows were there any
> others, was he the only one, or where he came from.
> From namhas came aluna and sinister. A being of light and other of
> darkness. And Dalia a being of twilight.
> From Aluna came Dazzt the eldest of gods (not greater gods)
> From Dalia and Sinister came Mandor, Yorkaturr and Harum
> three sons of evil.
> Dalia the being of twilight started to slip towards the darkness of
> sinister, so Aluna the being of light destroyed Dalia.
> Now there were only Namhas the father, light and darkness, aluna and
> sinister - and their progrency of 4 gods.
> This all did not happen in a short time, but instead took nameless amounts
> of time in the void. 
> The gods stayed in the void, in the realms unknown, the realms beoynd.
> They experimented - created servants - remained in solitude
> there were times when then interacted with each other and times they had
> not seens others for eons. 
> After a long time, after times forgotten, Namhas decided that it was time
> for something larger, time to start the creation. 
> Gods destroyed or abandoned their old affairs.
> Namhas summoder Sinister and Aluna to aid him in the creation, to help
> ease his burned, that drained his power. Along with light and dark, came
> their children - the 4 gods.
> Gods invented the prime particle, the magical-essence from which to
> construct this new universe from. And so they did, they build anything
> from the myriad particles and gave life to this reality.
> For a while the creation was dead, no living soul but the gods walked on
> its grounds.. 
> Then Gods were content with what they had done so far and took the next
> step towards finishing the creation. They created servants. Gods formed
> spirits from the prime particles the same stuff everything is made of.
> A long time passed, and these beings some spirits some flesh some rock
> served their masters.
> But times were about to change. Some spirits took the form of flesh and
> abandoned their masters, for life in solitude, adventure in the creation.
> Some spirits started to war - to hunt each other to feed on the
> magical-essence of others to make themselfs more strong.
> And so were the ancients (flesh form ex-spirits) and the new gods (spirits
> who started to war and gether power) created.
> Those who took the form of flesh, gathered knowledge and loved the
> creation, they lived in the world with other lower beings. 
> At this time plants had already been created, and some of the animal life,
> they werent old and their numbers werent much but they existed. Partly
> created by gods to amuse or serve them - and partly created by their
> servants to whatever purposes.
> Time went by - the spirits who made war grew stronger, few of them had
> already escaped from the bond of their ex-masters. 
> The spirits noticed that they could also gain more power not only by
> draining the magical-essence of other spirtis but also from doing so to
> plants and animals. Patterns of life, spirit and mind were specially
> nourishing..
> New spirits got very powerhungry - they wanted to rise to the level of
> their masters. Few brave ones turned against elder gods first but their
> failure was utter and total. They needed more power. So the new gods
> created the species of man. Supported their growth

So new gods created men, elves and others. Some races (like possibly the
moon elves?) could even be born directly from these new gods, not just
created from "thin air".. anyways they supported their growth and life,
giving the species of men the opportunity to grow numerous and powerful,
given them change to prosper. 

But the reason always was to gain more powerul through the new species of
men. Soon the new gods started to war with men and devour their primal
essence and turn it into their own strenght. As their power and illusion
of power grew, more and more of them stood against the elder gods. Finally
a full war was broken loose. New gods rebelling against their elders and
former masters.

New gods also gained power from men by making them their followers. Men
prayed on new gods for blessings and sacrificed goods for them. The
magical-essence from these goods went to fuel up the power of new gods.

But the new gods did not understand that they could never destroy the old
- since the old gods were never at any point from this reality, they were
in noway limited by their own creation and their true form would always be
unharmed by any power in this universe they had created. 

But they made war. And lost. Many of the new gods got destroyed, or
reduced to mere shadows of their former self, or they fell back into
slavery for the elders.

At this time the ancients who took the form of flesh and did not war
watched. they learned and watched. some of them got caught in the middle
of battles and few even died, but most of them just stayed aside. 

New gods surrendered when they realised their fate and the waste of it
all. Elder gods forced the new to take responsibility within the creation,
placing them in positions of power and forcing them to answer for their
own region and sphere of influence. In this way suchs minor gods like
lesser gods, demigods, gods of love, animals, birds, rivers, oceans, fire,
rain, winter, plants, cities, stone, lust, gluttony, sloth, faith, dreams,
nightmeres, judgement, justice, peace.. were created.

Now it was time for a new order, where in we had the elder gods :
(this is a list of powerlevels as well)

Namhas - the father of everything and the most powerful of all

Aluna - being of light, superme godess of goodness
Sinister - being of darkness, superme evil

Dazzt - First of gods (not greater gods) god of healing, purification,
        regeneration.. and so on.

Mandor - god of darkness, despair, murder and assassination.        
Harum - god of wrath, rage, war and hate
Yorkaturr - god of death, the dead, unlife and undead.

(power between mandor,harum,yorkaturr changes almost constantly, since
these 3 sons of sinister partly step on each others toes and partly on
sinisters domain aswell. I think the story also includes that Yorkaturr
hates/dislikes harum and mandor. But doesnt dislike his father the superme
evil sinister that much. The 3 brothers rarely unite, rarely work to
gether.. but meddle somewhat with each others affairs and sometimes even
fight or "shake" each other out)

(There also is a nice balance scenario between Dazzt and the 3 brothers.
If Dazzt decides to fight any of those 3 alone he would win. But if 2 of
those 3 unite the score is almost equal - with a bit more weight in the
evil side (dazzt has to pull back).. But since yorkaturr hates harum and
mandor the 3 sons dont unite, so they can never ultimately destroy Dazzt
even if they wanted to. And Dazzt doesnt want to destroy the 3 evil sons
either - since there is a link between yorkaturr and dazzt. Healing and
life require death. None may heal without death... This doest however
force their realations to be calm of even peaceful but they void each
other alot, and rarely interact, and if they do its more passive than

Those above are the elder gods, who did the creation, who invented the
magical-essence the primal partcile from wich all reality in this creation
if theirs is constructed. Their true form is not of that material, but is
from another time and place instead. Not of this world, but from the void
that lies beyond. Their true form cannot be touched by the creation and
cannot never be killed. Only another elder god can _REALLY_ harm another.
Surely any new god could destroy elder gods avatar or all his influence
within the creation, but the one true form - which is not of this world -
cannot be touched. 

Nest in the power strucre after elder gods come the new gods :

<god level> of new gods. - these beings are those who survived the war and
those who grew very strong along with it and time. The strongest of new
gods stand here in 'god level'.. The war, first with each other and then
against their elders was very much "survival of the fittest" these gods
are the fittest. However they DO NOT have the-one-true-form all their
influence and all they ever have been is a part of the creation and
constructed from magical-essence, from the primal particles that build
reality. They can destroy elder gods influence, but never utterly kill
them. Elder gods can wipe them out of existence, undo their creation.

<lesser god level> these beings are the ones that didnt prosper at their
best in the war. those who werent the strongest ones. OR these lesser gods
are the descedants and children of those just listed above (god level new
gods).. the same gods for lesser gods what comes to the-one-true-form. 
Lesser gods have less power and less influence over the universe than
their seniors and parents. But they surely are pretty powerful.

<demigod level> these beings are either once mortal members of the species
of men who have grown _VERY_ strong and achived immortality, or they are
more weaker new gods than those 2 listed above (god, lesser god).. these
could include children of lesser gods, or perhaps right-hands (servants)
of gods/lesesr gods.. or beings who are given great powers from above.


Somewhere in the area and powerclass of demigods stand the sages. And the
ancients. The ancients are those who took the form of flesh before the war
- who watched as other made war - who lived in the cration - who
interacted with the species of men.. Some of these creatures are the
sages, those who interact with new gods or even elder gods. Help them and
serve them, inform them or just simply hang around with them. Sages and
ancients are very very old, even older than some of <god level> new gods
or <lesser god level> new gods.. and almost certainly older than any
demigod. Of course the ancients may have children too - but i was talking
about the original ancients/sages who were among the first beings in
existence within the creation. Their powers however dont mach that of the
gods but their knowledge is _VAST_ and their mastery over the art of magic
is near perfect. Of course ancients and sages vary in power, but sages are
usually the most powerful of ancients. They have taken the forms of
legendary beasts, wandering wise men.. and they usually keep multiple
forms. They dont possess the powers of gods, they dont have a wast power
reserve of magical-essence but they do control it well. they know magic,
and they have knowledge. and they know gods.

The world also has other powers than just gods and ancients/sages.. Like
the demons of sinister, which can be pretty powerful, the most powerful of
them capable of standing against lesser gods. Then we have the 9 horsemen
of evil, who serve their master sinister, and are partly commanded by
yorkaturr also - they partly also serve other gods, mainly the elder gods.
Then we have great elemental spirits, like the spirit of fire, or great
ancient beings like celestial dragons and great eagles. All of this mixed
bunch of beings and creatures are made from magical-essence. They are
creations of the gods or former spirits/ancients who have taken their own
way through time. 

The world of majik today :

Today the creation has been done a long time ago. New gods have long been
in power and the world is full of races, and life. (and unlife), the elder
gods play powerful roles in the universe, and right below them come the
elder gods. The sages wander the world and do as they see fit. Sages also
serve the gods and interact with them, vast majority of sages interact
with new gods and know them better, but few are servants of the elders.
The races of the world live their lives and worship the gods. 
And our brave players ofcourse adventure alot :)

Now, a suggestion on divine points and worshipping:

elder gods, specially namhas, aluna and sinister have _VAST_ power
reserves and a huge pile of divine points.. they dont need to be
worshipped as much since their domain is vast anyways - all worship
eventually end up to namhas, all good eventually end up to aluna and all
evil eventually end up to sinister. Same goes for their children - only
that they have a bit more narrow domain. And in addition to this these
elder gods are the ones that did the creation - their knowledge and
control over it is perfect. They have their true forms and are capable of
existing beyond this reality and this universe, in the primal void. And
they can also draw power from sources beyond this reality and this
universe. Perhaps some of them left something behind in the void before
they started the creation... how ever this goes, despite of that these
elder gods do have _alot_ of woshipppers. Gods like aluna and dazzt have
countless worshipers and the evil trio of mandor,harum,yorkaturr have a
vast number of followers aswell. And remember if someone worships the god
of hunting - he also worships the god of death as his game dies - and he
also worships sinister the ultimate evil - and also namhas, everything.
In the same way if someone worships the god of layhealers - he supports
the god of healing - god of all good - namhas god of balance.
The power is drained from down->to->up in this fashion, and alot of power
keep ending up into elder gods hands.

New gods who have more narrow domains and who DONT HAVE the ability to
drain power from sources outside this reality - they are the one who need
worshippers perhaps more. some of them end up having alot of divine points
and some of them have less of them. However they can never understand the
creation and this reality as good as can those who made and created it.
But of course they are powerful. capable of manipulating the
magical-essence which makes up everything. 

... umm yees.. try to post answers to this mail in a neat fashion, dont
quote all of this. 


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