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Subject: Re: Hi... new person on the list.
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 04:16:33 EEST

Hello Mika,

	Welcome to the majik3d team. Eleril has already stated where to find
the map. there is also a map under the name kartta.png in You sould also know that the city names
and locations found on the map in the screenshots page can be used or
dicarded at your discretion. There is also a color chart for the map
that i made on the ftp site. I lost my text version of the color chart i
think beregar has a copy. To get an idea about what needs to be done and
what has been done check out . At the moment
world designers are mostly working on region/race descs. below is what
has been claimed by other designers.

	If you claim one of the regions to describe please tell me so I can
update this list. Also be sure to look at other descriptions of areas
that have already been described so that your descriptions use the same
format and so that neiboring lands and peoples are interconected with
stuff like histories, trade, hostilities, etc..
We want to keep a strict theme for the whole world. 

Joshua 'hook' Corning

use the majik map as a referance for locations

Regions to Desc

r = reserved

- Arctic
  r Western Mals (Ice Elves - Mandor)
  - Zimr
  - Mal Tikh
  - Barren Isles and Northern Minartan
  r Mal Yirith (Necrolytes - Malekith)
  - Myrrgor, Skalvind & Erythia
  r Mountains of the Malediction (trolls - Jormap)

- Minartan
  - Sol'daran
  r Western isles (*hidden* - Beregar)
  - Terrenir
  r Meral & Gwaelmar (Dwarves - Gwalmur - Yorkaturr)
    r Chain of the Sledgehammer
    r Puce Mountains
  - Chain of Eldhelomin
  - Thalamon
    - Tacit Forest
    - Prairie of Dhyrin
    - Lake Lokhmar
    - Groaning Forest
  - Dethzael 
    r Skyghaim (Dwarf/Elf - Dezlaneans - Eleril)
    - Mountains of Eclipse
    - Swamp of Enmity
  - Dardalon
    - Swamp of Pelnor
    - Covewood Mountains
  - Eastern Minartan Isles
    r Lanuin (Dark Elf - Zrei'gu'aiuo - Mandor)
    r Torell - (human - Tore'e 0.6 - Akix)
    - The Reef Isles
    r Beheran, Filas and Hamil (High Elves - Mandor)

- Central Waters
  - Sea of Tears
  - Quiet Sea (Sea Elves - Mandor)
  r Isles of Vram (humans - Dachoi - Aluna)
  r Estrean (humans - Dachoi - Aluna)
  - Nemen
  - Sea of Niral
  - Vestian

- Voran
  - Black Waste
  - Tulmarun
  - Ur Alif (Djasim)
  - Mantle Mountains
  r Nalor Thaan (humans - Hilosyph,Bronn,Fik'bronn 0.1 - Akix)
    r Thjarr
  - Marmundi
  - Ominous Ocean and Sea of Tailwind
    r Gean (? - ? - Beregar)

- Eldiron
  r Ghalimcar
    r Desert of Brahjian (humans - Brahjian - Beregar)
    r Chain of Bared
    r Chain of Harand
    r Zamurdi
  - Thasia & Lamarhen
    - Pristine Forest
    - Mountains of Umalin
    - Lamarhen Lakes
      - Azure Lakes
      - Lake of Memories
  - Gwelthor (Catfolk - ?)
  - Valiar
  - Areon
  r Nin'calaris & Danheir (human tribe - Darshan)
  - Tragothar (Orcs - ?)
    - Waste of Burning Ash
    - Gorr
    - Cawing Mountains
    - Pumice Mountains
  r Althainon ( human - Althainions 0.9 - Akix)
    r Forest of Abhorrence
  - Sea of Flames
  - Sea of Tranis
    - Crescent Isles
    r Osthel (Osthelian Pixies - Beregar)
  - Grey Ocean
  - Outer Sea
    - Borak

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