Goblins 0.1 Genus desc

Subject: Goblins 0.1 Genus desc
From: joshua 'akix' corning (hook@u.washington.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 05:24:43 EEST

I have made some preliminary descriptions of the goblin Genus. I have
made them a little different then traditional fantasy world goblins.
They are more animal then intelligent humanoids and are closer related
to bats then orcs. In fact i want goblins to be the original inhabitance
of Majik before the two rooms collided and brought all the other races

Also in the decription I put some goblins on Vram. I did this before
Aluna claimed it but I can easily get rid of them if Aluna doesn't want
them there.

Anyway tell me what you all think. I have posted the incomplete text
below. If you don't like the idea and want more traditional goblins in
majik i could just change the name to Greklins or Gremlins or something.

I would like to point out that these goblins are very different then the
goblins in WorldForge. I think We all want to avoid having a world to
similar to theirs.

Joshua 'Akix

Genus Desc


Order-Chiroptera, Family-Ogreti, Genus-Goblinus 

	1. Appearance
	2. Ecology
	3. History
	4. Philosophies
	5. Society
	6. Quick role playing tips
	7. Different species of goblin

1. 	Appearance

	Although roughly humanoid the bodies of different goblin species range
greatly in size and shape. Different species of goblins can be between
65 cm and 185 cm tall but among individuals of a given species height
variations are rarely more then a 30 cm even among different sexes. They
are usually hairless but males of some species have been known to grow
brightly colored mains along the spine of their backs and necks. Goblins
generally have ugly bat like faces with slits for nostrils sharp teeth
and large pointed ears. There bodies are thin with long wiry limbs. Thin
membranes connected from torso to the arms are found among some of the
species which endows them with the ability to glide. One rare species
found on the Isles of Vram does have the ability of full flight but only
for short distances. The legs of goblins are more canine then human with
the elongated feet and knees that bend in the opposite direction.  When
walking they often use their long arms for balance and for extra speed
when running. They do have five fingered hands and can use them quite
dexterously to fashion tools and clime trees. In fact many of the tree
climbing species such as the Akreb goblins can use their feet to grip,
clime and even for using tools or weapons.

2. 	Ecology

3. 	History

	Goblins once lived all over the world of Majik for millennia but since
the invasion of other sentient humanoids such as humans and elves the
goblins have been hunted killed and many species made extinct. Often
misunderstood and thought of as evil the goblin species are treated as
the spawn of Yorkaturr. They now reside in remote corners of the world
and only in rear instances are allowed by humans and their ilk to eke
out an existence. They have no written language and their verbal skills
are rudimentary at best and never studied by other races so no recorded
history exists. 

4. 	Philosophies

	Goblins lack much of the brain power needed for any true philosophy.
They are barely at the edge of what humans or other sentient beings
would call consciousness.

5. 	Society

6. 	quick role playing tips

7. 	Different species of goblin

	7.1	Akreb Goblin - Goblinus Akreba

	Nearly extinct the Akreb goblins primarily live on the small island of
Gryweer just off the coast of Torell but small numbers do inhabit the
western coast of Torell. Historically they ranged throughout Torell and
the islands of Arix and Gryweer but since the advent of the Tore'e
humans incurtion on the islands populations of the Akreb have dwindeled.
In appearance they are a meter to 125 cm tall, have thin wiry bodies,
tar black hairless skin, sharp teeth, and monstrous bat like faces with
large pointed ears. Males and female show no difference in size but male
grow yellow fur mains along the spine of their back.  The Akreb are
exceptional tree climbers and can drop down upon their pray with
blinding speed. They are omnivores and the meat they eat is primarily
the young and eggs of the Tewik dragons though on rare occasions they
have been known to kill a large Tewik adult.

	7.2	Ugat Goblins - Goblinus Volati
	Located in the forests of Nalor Thaan the Ugat have leaf green skin
with brown spots that camofloge them, thin wiry roughly humanoid bodyies
with long arms.  They have ugly bat like faces with slits for nostrals
sharp teath and large pointed ears. Along their arms and sides of their
torso they have thin membrains that allow them to glide from tree to
tree. Living in large groups from 20 -40 individuals the Ugat are highly
teritorial and agresive toword humans. They will attack any individuals
wondering into the forests or along the roads. Travel is made dangerouse
by the Ugat and must be conducted in groups of at least 10 or more
otherwise they are supseptible to their attacks. Ugat are
semi-intelligant and are simple tool makers. They fasion sharp sticks
and spiked clubs which they use for attacks often gripping them with
their feet and gliding silently down from the trees in a concerted
attack swarming trespassers. Although aggresive they are not conivors
but servive off of fruit that grows high in the trees. In the dry season
they can eat leaves bark and nuts but prefer not to.

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