Re: Vram archipelago, Estream island and the Dachoi people

Subject: Re: Vram archipelago, Estream island and the Dachoi people
From: joshua 'akix' corning (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 00:04:36 EEST

Ari Miettinen wrote:
> Here are the plans of the Dachoi, Vram archipelago and Estream island.
> Geography, Fauna Flora and other such things are not too well described,
> but they will have to do for now. If someone wants to give me a hand in
> those aspects feel free to do so.
> The Dachoi are better described, but I am willing to listen to your
> comments about them. Suggestions, ideas and so on are also very
> welcome.

Could you make them dark skined like almost tar black. The reason i ask
is that the Althainions and the Areons need an ansestor race. They moved
to The continent of Eldiron after harum created the black wastes. Part
of the black wastes are in Estream and would give some of them good
reason to move to the continent some 1000 years ago. Also the Hilosyph
the people of nalor thaan need some type of light weight cloth that can
protect them from the sun they have very pale skin so mabey your
waj-cloth will do. Anyway read what i have written on the Althainions
they are a freedom loving people and might be similar enought to the
Dachoi that they could be related people. The desc of the althainions
can be found at the web sight under mail lists in the
design-mail thread. Color maps can be found there as well under screen
shots. Oh yea you can ignore cities on the maps if you want to. You
should also note that there is a volcano on Estean.


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