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Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 01:33:19 EEST

> Jonathan Koehn wrote:
> Heres what Ive got on the Skyghaim region and Dezlaneans race.
> I need a few names and homelands and ideas are appreciated tell
> me what you think and what needs changed

I like it. Other then that more detail in needed

> in a blanket of snow. <Life> when all is in blooming and renewness.
> <Returning of Life> when leaves fall and replenish the life of
> < name of planet>.

:) the name of planet is Majik until someone comes up with a better
name. The name Kattra seems dead in the water

> 4. Fauna
>  Trout like fish, Dethzael deer deer that have 3 branches
> instead of 2 the 3rd coming from the center between
> the other two branches.Has a few swamp creatures snakes,
> rats, ducks, etc. And it has a Dehtzaelyen boar
> which has tusks as sharp as knives.

I'm making a goblin desc you might want to put them there :) ill post
what i have today. Thsi is a longshot suggestion though don't take it to
seriously im tring to sell my goblin ideas to everyone :)

> 7.4 Trollish Range loacted to the north of Lake Power. It seperates
> the Dezlaneans from their worst enemy the trolls.

good you might want to put a sub chapter under culture describing their
relationship with the trolls.

> Race <Dezlaneans>
> 1. Introduction
> A wizard race at a average size of 5'7" <need to put this in cm as
> well>
> They have a love of magic. And of their land. Their affairs are taken
> care of by the wizard council also of which the people have a decision
> in. Their enemies being trolls but they hope this can change.
> They trade goods with the Tore'e. And they remeber their ancestors the
> Fair elves and Dwarfs with great honor.

Be sure to know that the Tore'e distrust elves although they do trade
with them. Also there are elves in Lanuin but they are dark eleves and
once slave masters of the Tore'e and to tore'e have no contact with them
exept for maybe a ship battle.

For more info on elves read the elf text that Mandor made its on the
design-mail thread. Contact him for specific info on elves they arn't
complete yet but he gave me info on the dark eleves when i needed it. 
Incedently the elves of Lanuin are called the Zrei'gu'aiuo

> 6. Language
> Their Language is a combination of both Dwarf and Fair elf
> of which they have been taught both. They have been taught both so
> they
> may remember the great races of their ancestors.They also teach their
> children of the language of Tore'e so that they might better trade
> with them.

The language of the Tore'e is a gutteral form of Tiala which is the
commen language of elves. The Zrei'gu'aiuo forced them to use it durring
their enslavement.

> 7. <Homeland ???
> can someone tell me where the dwarf earth
> elementalist live, as well as where the fair elf magic users live.>

Read the dwarf text in the design mail thread it near the top.

Joshua 'akix

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