Heres what ive got so far on this =) Region <Skyghaim> Race < Dezlaneans>

Subject: Heres what ive got so far on this =) Region Race < Dezlaneans>
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Heres what Ive got on the Skyghaim region and Dezlaneans race.
I need a few names and homelands and ideas are appreciated tell
me what you think and what needs changed

Region <Skyghaim>
1. Description
 This was a wild region until the Dezlaneans settled
it to learn and study the great art of Magic. 
It is a beautiful place with a well spring of nature.
it is covered mostly with the Aspen pine forest and has Lake power
to the South. All in all every rangers delight :)

2. Climate
 It has four seasons known as <Fire bringer> which can bring fire to the
great plain at the end of this season. <Crystal> when the land is covered
in a blanket of snow. <Life> when all is in blooming and renewness.
<Returning of Life> when leaves fall and replenish the life of 
< name of planet>.
It is tipical of a moutain range valley except for the sea which can bring
some warm weather. It can have beatiful snow

3. Flora
 Pinetrees and cedar trees/bushes sage brush
Aspens, moutain plants and trees

4. Fauna
 Trout like fish, Dethzael deer deer that have 3 branches 
instead of 2 the 3rd coming from the center between
the other two branches.Has a few swamp creatures snakes,
rats, ducks, etc. And it has a Dehtzaelyen boar
which has tusks as sharp as knives.

5. History
 It has been wild and unsettled only explored some when used for a route 
between inland and the sea. The wildness and beauty and magic flow 
from the lake. Is what made <?> want to settle and live here and 
begin the quest for magical knowledge.

6. Geography
6.1 Lake Power where the Deth trout are fished for and 
which has streams flowing in and out of.
6.2 Aspen Pines this forest has a variety of animal
the Dethzael deer, Dethzaelyen boar, racoons, and 
some unique birds. It has aspen and pine trees cedar 
the cedar trees and sage brush are found on the outskirts 
of this forest.
6.2 Trollish Range the border between Dethzael and Trollish country.
6.3 Moutains of eclispe this moutain is called so when it can shade
the whole valley of Skyghaim.
6.4  This coast is from the Gray Ocean the Torell can sail up
the Lake Power stream using there mastery of water
to go to Grimrym  to trade with the Dezealaneans.
6.5 Praire of Obyrin a great plain where the Dethzael deer feed at sometimes
but this praire can also turn into a massive fire at the end of Fire bringer.

7 Cities/Landmarks
7.1 Aspen Pines located to the north of Lake Power.
7.2 Tree of Power located on the northerly shore
of Lake Power.
7.3 Village of Grimrym located on the northerly,easternly
side of Lake Power.
7.4 Trollish Range loacted to the north of Lake Power. It seperates
the Dezlaneans from their worst enemy the trolls.
7.5 Moutains of eclispe south easternly from Lake Power.
7.6 Wizards Castle this is the place of the high wizard
council, and where the Tree of Power stands.

Race <Dezlaneans>

1. Introduction
A wizard race at a average size of 5'7" <need to put this in cm as well>
They have a love of magic. And of their land. Their affairs are taken 
care of by the wizard council also of which the people have a decision
in. Their enemies being trolls but they hope this can change.
They trade goods with the Tore'e. And they remeber their ancestors the 
Fair elves and Dwarfs with great honor.

2. Appearance 
 They have a wize look about them from studying magic. They look similar
to fair elves yet have the sturdiness of dwarves. Men of the race being
5'6" to 5'8" <can somone add these measurement in cm> women a little
shorter 5'4" to 5'7". 
2.1 Clothes
 They wear robes when studying. In doing every day chores they wear 
Wool shirts and pants. To keep warm in Crystal they wear Wool jackets
their everyday clothes are usually blend in with their suroundings.
Their robes though are usually the color of the magic they are studying.
This lets them know what teachers to ask about certain magics.
They wear robes on the Day of Magic and the high mages wear robes 
showing emblems of the magic they like. The wool for there robes and
clothes is usually traded from the Tore'e
2.2 Weapons 
 Their favorite weapon being magic but they as well use.
Dwarven Daggers, Dwarven Shortswords, Elven bows, and some of these weapons
they enchant with magic.
2.3 Armor
 They use magical shields and they make what their wearing into magic armor
by casting a spell on it.

3. History
3.1 A new race begins
 A fair elven lad named < ? >came through this region on a trade route with his father.
He liked the lands greatly.
Latter on he fell in love with a dwarven earth elementalist daughter named <?>
they where wed by the Wizard <?> whom he was apprenticed to. He told here of
Skyghaim and she immediatly said that was where she would like to settle and 
live their lives.
3.2 Seeds of their ancestors
 Before they began their trip they where given a elven
tree seed from Wizard <?> and a dwarven tree seed from her father.
Each telling them to plant these together so that their generations might
remember their ancestor races.
3.3 Settle
 When they arrived in Skyghaim he created with magic the castle known as
Wizards Castle this is where they lived till the end of there gloriest
days. Their children built the town of Grimrym because all could not
fit in the castle anymore. They lived good and studied magic until
3.4 The Great Troll War
 The great Troll War began there where many deaths on both side
for this war lasted 10 yrs. At last finally the trolls stopped attacking
for reasons unknown. Their being careful hoping a war like that will never 
happen again.
3.5 Wizards Council
 At the end of the war is when the Wizards Council began they where given
the task of taking care of matters and of helping to be ready in case 
another troll war would happen. Also they where given the task of
the Magic tournament. The true meaning for the Magic tournament was hoping
the trolls would see the display of magic. Thus scaring them into 
never attacking again.

4. Culture
 Their culture is mostly based on magic.
The Wizard council decides the matters of the people. They have
a Day of Magic called DezMajik of which people from all over the world
may attend. The location of the magic tournament decided upon by Wizard
council. They mostly study and help others and adventure the great lands
of < planet name>
4.1 Food
 They get their meat from the Aspen pines and their grains,vegetables,etc
from small fields they raise. They sometimes experiment with magic on food
if you see a house wife come out with a smoken face it is usually cause
she just tried magic on food =)
4.2 Studying
 They teach their children to read and write so that they will be able to
understand and create spells and communicate better.
The children do this gladly so that they may be ready for the study of 

5. Religion

6. Language 
Their Language is a combination of both Dwarf and Fair elf
of which they have been taught both. They have been taught both so they 
may remember the great races of their ancestors.They also teach their 
children of the language of Tore'e so that they might better trade with them.

7. <Homeland ??? 
can someone tell me where the dwarf earth
elementalist live, as well as where the fair elf magic users live.>

This race is played as a wize understanding race that loves magic.

Jonathan at ""

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