Re: Spell symbols

Subject: Re: Spell symbols
From: Atte Koivula (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 14:42:41 EEST

>If I remember right, the spells in Majik4 were all hand
>coded and this is not a way for coding hundreds of
>different spells. We need an universal system which, given
>the symbols, automagically generates the corresponding
>spell effect. There should of course exist a possibility
>to add hand made varieties.
It just occurred to me that the truename system I coded did 
work like the new system as well, and in fact the entire
spellsystem did :). Of course the spells were individually
coded, there has to be some way of telling the server what
the spell effects are, and the spells are all different. But 
the casting stuff, deriving the specific spell from the 
casting process, was always done automatically. Look at the 
sources :).
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