A compromise

Subject: A compromise
From: Atte Koivula (yorka@dlc.fi)
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 16:28:19 EEST

Having thought about the \"subsystems/no subsystems\" at 
length, I think I am beginning to tip my scale in the favor 
of the \"no subsystems\" -alternative. So I am suggesting 

- We will have a 3-way casting system 
(vocal-somatic-material), which means that every spell can 
be casted entirely with words, gestures, materials or a 
combination of these. 

- All spells should be casted in the correct lexical order 
because it is much more logical this way, considering there 
has been talk about continuous spells such as 
creation-fire-essence-control-fire-being or something (that 
would create a fire elemental). Also, the system is easier 
to code this way. 

- We\'ll preserve the classes (primal, academic and divine) 
because it allows much much more diversity, is 
philosophically much more coherent, and, also, if there 
would only be one base system and we would have the 3-way 
casting system, it would mean the absence of truenames OR 
that truename-spells would have the same effects as any 
other spells. Let\'s face it, there has to be mighty and less 
mighty spells.

/Atte \"Yorkaturr\" Koivula <yorka@dlc.fi>

True darkness is not the absence of light.
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