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Subject: Re: A compromise
From: Juha Jantunen (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 20:51:23 EEST

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999 16:28:19 +0300 (EET DST) Atte Koivula <>
>Having thought about the \"subsystems/no subsystems\" at 
>length, I think I am beginning to tip my scale in the favor 
>of the \"no subsystems\" -alternative. So I am suggesting 

Hooray. ;)

>- We will have a 3-way casting system 
>(vocal-somatic-material), which means that every spell can 
>be casted entirely with words, gestures, materials or a 
>combination of these. 

No problems with that really...

>- All spells should be casted in the correct lexical order 
>because it is much more logical this way, considering there 
>has been talk about continuous spells such as 
>creation-fire-essence-control-fire-being or something (that 
>would create a fire elemental). Also, the system is easier 
>to code this way. 

This all right as well... And makes for some nice misfires when you forget
which went where. ;)

>- We\'ll preserve the classes (primal, academic and divine) 
>because it allows much much more diversity, is 
>philosophically much more coherent, and, also, if there 
>would only be one base system and we would have the 3-way 
>casting system, it would mean the absence of truenames OR 
>that truename-spells would have the same effects as any 
>other spells. Let\'s face it, there has to be mighty and less 
>mighty spells.

I agree that the truenames should be more powerful and be separate, but I
would also argue that both primal and academic magics are essentially the
same thing with the difference more in the mind of the caster than
anywhere else... (see Shadowrun's hermetic magicians and shamanistic
magicians) But if you insist, I can live with that... ;)

So, is this now set?

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