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Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 17:29:35 EEST

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 17:01:48 +0300 Lari Kuitunen <> wrote:
>> From: Juha Jantunen <>
>> ...but since one can learn any system one wants (?), is there much point
>> in doing this? Could simply be that magicians in a given region are only
>> using certain symbols for reasons other than "universal law"... >Tradition,
>> rules of society, the prefenreces of their god(s), or something...
>the point in this system is, that since for example "healers" can't learn
>healers won't be able to go around casting chaos bolts, and "mages" won't
>go around
>casting heal the world spells. there is no "character class", there idea is

(Why not? Why restrict it?)

>that mages have their symbols in "different language" than healers, so that
>if you want to learn healing spells, you learn the healer-type
>magic-symbols, which can't
>be combined with mage-language. so every "class" casts their spells using
>the same 
>symbols, but in different ways.
>there are no restrictions though, if you want, you can be a good mage AND a
>good healer,
>but then you'd have to have learned mage's way of casting spells, PLUS
>healer's way.
>since you can't combine the two ways of casting spells, a good healer who
>wants to try
>casting spells in mage-ways will be just as good as a newbie mage.

Ahhh, yes, I see now... I had a different image of it... Well, this system
isn't that bad. Yet I wonder why there should be differences between
casting the same symbols if they are from different systems... Of course
it makes magic harder to learn on the whole, and keeps it rarer in a way,
but it still feels a little like forcing it... I'd prefer the rules
imposed by society to rules imposed by "universal law", butut it's not a
big thing... Less roleplaying required of course...

*whew* No classes in Majik, good. ;) I was scared for a moment. ;)

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