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From: Beregar (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 18:56:16 EEST

> Ahhh, yes, I see now... I had a different image of it... Well, this system
> isn't that bad. Yet I wonder why there should be differences between
> casting the same symbols if they are from different systems... Of course
> it makes magic harder to learn on the whole, and keeps it rarer in a way,
> but it still feels a little like forcing it... I'd prefer the rules
> imposed by society to rules imposed by "universal law", butut it's not a
> big thing... Less roleplaying required of course...

There are always some people breaking social rules. I feel any kind
of laws feeble excuse for limitations if they completelly prevent use
of certain magic type or unless they are bound to magic itself.

If my thoughts about magic are true then gods created magic and
they can't add any bans without destroying purpose of magic
(which is to upkeep everything). I already (barely) agreed with
those healer/chaos symbol limitations because you can easily
exlpain it so that gods of different spheres created different sym
bols to control magic and they don't necessarily fit together.

It's up to players and their society to make limits for magic using
but people should be still able to break against those social rules
and use whatever magic they wish to even if it means exile or
similar punishment...

...and as people already answered to you, we have only two
magic systems divine magic which comes from gods and has
nothing to do with normal magic (which in my vision is only
tool created by them) and symbolic magic which concists
of three different ways to imitate true command symbols of
the Gods.

- Beregar (

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