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Subject: Re: Magic
From: Beregar (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 00:50:28 EEST

> No, and also there is not yet decided for real as far as I can remember
> where the magic comes from and why. The mortals may not need to know
> about it (except that I would like it that way), but I think it is
> important anyways. I don't think it too great if magic works in a way,
> "when you do this, this happens", instead the magic users should know
> more of it; are they channeling some power or what.

I once suggested that magic is tool created by the gods and with this tool
they created the whole Majik. To control magic they created symbols which
mortals imitate with gestures, words etc. Magic is energy which keeps all
things together so everything has magic (rocks, people, planet etc). When
someone uses magic he simply transforms one form of magic to another

So in theory if a mage want's turn a rock to a flower he already might have
enough magic in the rock so there's no need to tap any further power. If the
same mage wants create something he must for example tap magic from
himself and if he changes too much his own magic to another form of magic
he might destroy himself.

This would prevent mages from creating dragons from thin air because
they wouldn't have enough personal magic to do it and would make those
with more mass and size better creators. However, there is always
possibility for external magic source (mage could transform hill to

People disliked this idea because it was too ripoff. However my opinion
is that different things should affect different ways to use magic. Those
with high agility could be good in gestures, those with strong body could
more easily create things using their own body magic etc

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