Subject: Magic
From: Beregar (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 00:32:10 EEST

I took following text from archived mail which, i think, Incisor wrote:

              Everyday peasants might have learned
magical gestures and perhaps, some mean parents scare
their children with them - however, the gestures, without
correct background applied, are USELESS. Spellcasters
are born with some special spark or gift that allows them
to reach some hidden source or supply of magical energy
and use this to power their enchantments and spells

I think everyone should be able to use magic if he/she knows
the right gestures or symbols. That "Spellcasters are born with
some special spark or gift..." suggestion is very stupid for it is
compareable to those rules in d&d:s where a mage can't wear
an armor or priest wield a edged weapon. We should avoid
this kind of cliches.

- Beregar (

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