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Subject: Re: New
From: Lari Kuitunen (
Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 23:55:41 EEST

Juha Jantunen wrote:
>    I am the newest addition to the majik development team, in the world
> design section, Juha Jantunen, also known as Talgor. Pleased to make your
> acquintance. *bow*

greetings, greetings 

>    I will probably be working on the various aspects of magic in Majik,
> if any of you have any idea about what kind of magic Majik should
> already (?), please mail me about it and I'll try to create something
> working and coherent out of it. 

magic-system is mostly designed, it is based on symbols and every mortal
and probably has to research spells in order to find them.
spells are formed from several symbols which each symbolize different
aspect, for example
water, fire, soul, matter, etc. etc.

what we require at this point is: 
list of all spells that are to be implemented to the world of majik.
this list should include all the usual spells that come to mind, 
for example fireball, which every mage will want to research, it being the
spell that most know of, and, addition to these "rip-off" spells, we should
have a list of those unique weird spells that only world of majik has.

the list should include some documentation on what the given spell does,
and perhaps a slight suggestion on how the spell will accomplish this.

after we have compiled the list, probably me and mandor will 
translate the spells to symbols, and, to create a solid logic-base
for the combinations, only few persons should do this to avoid
confusion in logic of the spell-combinations.

i'm bit busy now so more later. 

- malekith

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