RE: Suggestion for auto naming system.

Subject: RE: Suggestion for auto naming system.
From: Otso Makinen (
Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 15:23:13 EEST

> > I just wanted to point out the problem, whether the 
> character believes the
> > names he/she hears. For example if you have heard from some 
> other player
> > that the weird guy in the shady corner of a tavern is named 
> 'Blarf', but
> > when the character goes to talk with him, Blarf introduces 
> himself as
> > 'Zolt'. 
> There is no problem in this if we just ad in another new color, green
> for example. So the colors would be BLUE for heard names from 
> the person
> itself, GREEN for heard names from others for others, YELLOW 
> for own names
> given to someone and RED for true names that must-be-corret.
> > The problem is that implementing an 'automatic' naming 
> system would be
> > difficult, because player may think either of them as a 
> lier. One solution
> > might be to let own names always override heard names. But 
> then there
> > should be some easy way to 'pick' names from conversation 
> if you believe
> > that your current knowledge is wrong. 
> No overriding, the better way would be to let players see both names.
> Example :
> a player has named a shady man in the corner "bob12" and now 
> he speaks out
> "bob12(yellow color): murinaa murinaa mussun mussun"
> then another character walks up to the player and says "that 
> man in the
> corner is 'brian'.. now a GREEN color name would appear also. then the
> shady man speaks again
> "bob12(yellow color), brian(green color): murinaa mums mums"
> after this the shady man introduces himself as 'Zavarian' and 
> speaks again
> "bob12(yellow color), brian(green color), zavarian(blue 
> color): mums mums"
> even after this the player could get the 4th RED color true 
> name for that
> shady man.. and the player could at any time delete the names 
> he wants. He
> could delete his own yellow "bob12" name, and leave those 2 
> in action.. or
> he could chose to ignore the BLUE name and leave yellow and green in
> action.. or maybe he wants to delete yellow and green name.. 
> and leave the
> blue-zavarian in action.. 
> get it? :) that kind of naming system would rock.. player 
> would have to
> use his own consideration and his characters 'detect lies' skills to
> decide which one is the true name of that shady man in the corner.
> And dont bitch about us running out of space in the chat-line :
> bob12, briam, zavarian : "mums mums"
> hardly takes up any more space than just 1 name. and 
> different colors make
> it easy to understand, everyone even with 80 IQ should learn that in
> couple of minutes or in 1 hour atleast. and the player could 
> at any time
> delete the names he likes (yes even RED truenames or his own 
> Yellow names
> if he wants to).. if someone WANTS desperately to call that shady man
> "bob12" despite of all the other names heard for him, then the player
> sould be allowed to do that. 
> Names could be altered/changed from a somekind of name-list 
> or then just
> by simply cliking at that shady man - the player could bring 
> up a list of
> all names heard for him. and delete those he wants to.
> A system where a player could lie his own blue name 10 or 
> even 100 times
> would be nice too :) like shouting in the marketplace "i am 
> bob!" "i am
> jesse!" "i am avanir!" "i am brian!" "i am john! "i am an 
> asshole!" :).. 
> and after doing that other players would get a nice list of 
> BLUE names for
> that same player.. or maybe they could ignore those other 
> names with some
> skill or at will (when some setting is set ON).. and the 
> FIRST heard blue
> name would be in chat message line.. in this case when that other
> character shouted bob, jesse, avanir, brian, john... the name 
> would be :
> bob (in blue): "mums mums" but the list (if set ON) could 
> contain those
> other shouted names also.
> .. well.. suggest any changes to that, and think up more 
> problems :) but a
> system like that is realistic, roleplayable and fun. Also WAY 
> WAY better
> than those forced crap-fuckedup systems like in everquest (im not even
> bringing muds into this).. this would rock, and give majik even more
> unique look.
> ...
> Then an another matter :
> we should also have a flag/setting/variable for each person related to
> each other person have they heard that person speak.. ie do 
> they know what
> his voice sounds like. An example :
> a shady man is in the corner again. The player names him 
> "bob12" then the
> shady man leaves and walks 10 meters away, out of sight, to a busy
> marketplace filled with people (the player who saw the shady man never
> heard him speak anything, he was just there silent) after 
> this the shady
> man shouts "JEE JEE!" at the market place. the chat message 
> ANY FUCKING WAY be : "bob12 shouts at west : "JEE JEE!".. 
> since the player
> NEVER did heard what his voice sounds like, he has NO way of 
> knowing who
> it is shouting outside (since he cant see through the 
> walls).. only then
> the player has heard what 'bob12' sounds like ONLY then the 
> chat message
> should give away the name who is shouting.. This same system 
> should also
> include the possibility to fake your own voice with herbs, spells, or
> other means. and also if the player CAN see through walls 
> then we would
> get that "bob12" in the shout message. 
> Let's make majik realistic and roleplayable.. these little things all
> combined give a good atmosphere and feeling to the game. 
> Implement those
> and oh boy we are so much better than those crappy everquests 
> or ultima
> onlines :)..
> sorry for my rude language :) but it seems you guys dont like 
> to comment
> anything much, so maybe ill get your attention by making a 
> little noise :)
> -m

There's only one thing I can say on this topic: Argh.

- Harum

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