Suggestion for auto naming system.

Subject: Suggestion for auto naming system.
From: Taneli Tikka (
Date: Sun Aug 01 1999 - 02:08:24 EEST

First to make my idea clear an example from real life :

It a first day in a new school.. the room is filled with new students who
dont appear to know each other.. suddenly a charismatic young easy going -
kind of guy walks in the middle of the room and says "hey everyone! my
name is Tommy and im looking forward to study with you all".. 
After that happens dont everyone automaticly call him Tommy, since they
dont know better?.. that could be his real name, but he also could be a
good liar. 

We could have an acting, fast-talk, or lying skill.. charisma, appearance,
etc factors would affect it somewhat.. also the audience you are trying to
lie to (how well they know you, or you people etc).. 
If a player successfully lies his name this auto-naming system could
automaticly set the lied name for everyone for that person.. HEARD names
could be in BLUE color.. own given names by the player (the player names
someone else) could be in YELLOW color and true names (found out by spells
or by some other means that must-be-true) would be in RED color.. 
or if you dont like the color system, do it by some other means then.

But it would be so nice that you could like your name.. walk in the middle
of the town with 20 players idling in the market place.. then shout out
"Hihoo!! my name is Ta'lig-nar and i am a dark elf magician!" then
everyone who heard that (and they do not have a own given name for
ta'lig-nar before) would see his told name in BLUE when he speaks etc.. if
they would have named him before and someone would already have a YELLOW
name for ta'lig-nar then that player could see both his given name for him
and the name he told everyone.. like "darkelf1, ta'lig-nar: *chat message
here*" like that.. get it?.. later he could easily erase his given yellow
name and leave the blue heard name in action... then again later in the
game someone could cast an information-probe spell on ta'lig-nar and learn
the truth that he really was a dude called Simdabir and was really a human
just using an illusion spell. 

Now that system would rock WAY more than forcing of names (like in
everquest) or some other unrealistic LIMITED and CRIPPLED system.

After all our first priority in majik is ROLEPLAYING and i take this name
system as a considerable element in that. And it would be alot of fun too,
just think about what a mage can do with few illusion spells :) he can
pretend to be 10 different people and start some intresting sub-roles and
pull of few neat scams with other players.. that is nice.
of course those with see-through-illusions spells would be quite immune
.. that is life. 

This naming system is too good idea to be ignored, it suits the
roleplaying element of majik well, and is realistic also. We just need to
decide does succesful lying need any skills, is it totally random, or can
everyone do it at will.. I would suggest some sort of combination of
skill, stats and factors like charisma, the audience, knowledge skills,
reputations, etc stuff.


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