Re: Suggestion for auto naming system.

Subject: Re: Suggestion for auto naming system.
From: Beregar (
Date: Sun Aug 01 1999 - 02:22:51 EEST

I agree with Mandor. Namhas himself said that meaning of Majik project is to offer real ROLEPLAYING opportunities. Still I have found that many good roleplaying ideas have been rejected because they are "too kludge" or "take too much time to implement" - if nothing else, we have time, patience seems to be what we mostly lack. I can understand some temporar easy solutions but if we can't change
some thing better later we should spend more time considering things and try to find best solution which is both practical and good for roleplaying. (btw, I'm not the only one whose ideas have been rejected but I still might be a bit prejudiced.)

About those skills, I think  skills are useful to determine if someone is lying but they shouldn't still reveal liars real name, just give hint that he/she is lying.

- Beregar (

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