Re: Suggestion for auto naming system.

Subject: Re: Suggestion for auto naming system.
From: Taneli Tikka (
Date: Sun Aug 01 1999 - 20:35:44 EEST

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Jari P Saukkonen wrote:

> I just wanted to point out the problem, whether the character believes the
> names he/she hears. For example if you have heard from some other player
> that the weird guy in the shady corner of a tavern is named 'Blarf', but
> when the character goes to talk with him, Blarf introduces himself as
> 'Zolt'. 

There is no problem in this if we just ad in another new color, green
for example. So the colors would be BLUE for heard names from the person
itself, GREEN for heard names from others for others, YELLOW for own names
given to someone and RED for true names that must-be-corret.
> The problem is that implementing an 'automatic' naming system would be
> difficult, because player may think either of them as a lier. One solution
> might be to let own names always override heard names. But then there
> should be some easy way to 'pick' names from conversation if you believe
> that your current knowledge is wrong. 

No overriding, the better way would be to let players see both names.
Example :

a player has named a shady man in the corner "bob12" and now he speaks out
"bob12(yellow color): murinaa murinaa mussun mussun"
then another character walks up to the player and says "that man in the
corner is 'brian'.. now a GREEN color name would appear also. then the
shady man speaks again
"bob12(yellow color), brian(green color): murinaa mums mums"
after this the shady man introduces himself as 'Zavarian' and speaks again
"bob12(yellow color), brian(green color), zavarian(blue color): mums mums"

even after this the player could get the 4th RED color true name for that
shady man.. and the player could at any time delete the names he wants. He
could delete his own yellow "bob12" name, and leave those 2 in action.. or
he could chose to ignore the BLUE name and leave yellow and green in
action.. or maybe he wants to delete yellow and green name.. and leave the
blue-zavarian in action.. 

get it? :) that kind of naming system would rock.. player would have to
use his own consideration and his characters 'detect lies' skills to
decide which one is the true name of that shady man in the corner.

And dont bitch about us running out of space in the chat-line :
bob12, briam, zavarian : "mums mums"
hardly takes up any more space than just 1 name. and different colors make
it easy to understand, everyone even with 80 IQ should learn that in
couple of minutes or in 1 hour atleast. and the player could at any time
delete the names he likes (yes even RED truenames or his own Yellow names
if he wants to).. if someone WANTS desperately to call that shady man
"bob12" despite of all the other names heard for him, then the player
sould be allowed to do that. 

Names could be altered/changed from a somekind of name-list or then just
by simply cliking at that shady man - the player could bring up a list of
all names heard for him. and delete those he wants to.

A system where a player could lie his own blue name 10 or even 100 times
would be nice too :) like shouting in the marketplace "i am bob!" "i am
jesse!" "i am avanir!" "i am brian!" "i am john! "i am an asshole!" :).. 
and after doing that other players would get a nice list of BLUE names for
that same player.. or maybe they could ignore those other names with some
skill or at will (when some setting is set ON).. and the FIRST heard blue
name would be in chat message line.. in this case when that other
character shouted bob, jesse, avanir, brian, john... the name would be :
bob (in blue): "mums mums" but the list (if set ON) could contain those
other shouted names also.

.. well.. suggest any changes to that, and think up more problems :) but a
system like that is realistic, roleplayable and fun. Also WAY WAY better
than those forced crap-fuckedup systems like in everquest (im not even
bringing muds into this).. this would rock, and give majik even more
unique look.

Then an another matter :
we should also have a flag/setting/variable for each person related to
each other person have they heard that person speak.. ie do they know what
his voice sounds like. An example :
a shady man is in the corner again. The player names him "bob12" then the
shady man leaves and walks 10 meters away, out of sight, to a busy
marketplace filled with people (the player who saw the shady man never
heard him speak anything, he was just there silent) after this the shady
man shouts "JEE JEE!" at the market place. the chat message SHOULD NOT IN
ANY FUCKING WAY be : "bob12 shouts at west : "JEE JEE!".. since the player
NEVER did heard what his voice sounds like, he has NO way of knowing who
it is shouting outside (since he cant see through the walls).. only then
the player has heard what 'bob12' sounds like ONLY then the chat message
should give away the name who is shouting.. This same system should also
include the possibility to fake your own voice with herbs, spells, or
other means. and also if the player CAN see through walls then we would
get that "bob12" in the shout message. 

Let's make majik realistic and roleplayable.. these little things all
combined give a good atmosphere and feeling to the game. Implement those
and oh boy we are so much better than those crappy everquests or ultima
onlines :)..

sorry for my rude language :) but it seems you guys dont like to comment
anything much, so maybe ill get your attention by making a little noise :)


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