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Subject: Re: UI (hmmhmm)
From: Beregar (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 17:19:31 EEST

> Player could name that monster...but I see the problem since you shouldn't know that necrolyte is necrolyte if have never seen it before :). So, there couldn't be "Necrolyte: Blah" in the display box.

Hmm actually no need for race introduction system. If player hasn't named creature which is speaking it doesn't need to show race in display box when creature speaks. We can always place "Someone: Blah" or "Humanoid: Blah" instead of "Human: Blah" or "Necrolyte: Blah" and when player has named the creature(s) he/she sees "(Name): Blah"

To make point clear I want combination of 1 and 2. Text should be shown in the display box instead of above speaker because it is easier to read and if text is shown above speaker not all people see it easily even if it was meant for everyone,  on the other hand if player is hiding, everone could spot him/her because text reveals his/her place. However, name should be shown in display box/above
player only if player has named the speaker, otherwise player should see something else like: stranger, humanoid, creature.

- Beregar (

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