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Subject: Re: UI
From: Lari Kuitunen (
Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 12:46:43 EEST

> From: Beregar <>
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> Subject: Re: UI
> Date: 30. heinäkuuta 1999 16:20
> > The introduce system used in Majik4 might be the best choice then. So,
initially there's nothing on a top of a monster until the user click's it
and gives it a name, but then if there's no name placed on a thing then it
will display like this on the text
> > window: "a human: blah...", or something, but what if there's more than
one human talking?
> well, if there is more than one human you could just name them all. It
doesn't matter
> if name is not right one I suppose you can change it later? This would
require you to see target to name it which is good because you couldn't
name target who is hiding
> from you. If target is not named you would just see text in the bottom of
display like
> this "Human: Blah". I think you could still figure out if there is more
than one hidden person talking since people tend to write with different
> > Makes it hard to distinguish who is speaking even if
> > we have BG style color telling that some object is speaking now, they
> > can speak at same time.
> As I said, if you can name person who you see this problem doesn't exist.

What in my opinion we should avoid, is player having to click and name
something every time he wants to talk to someone.
I would hate having to click around and type names before I can talk to
UI should be simple and effective, not tedious and complex.
(I realize that this is simply stating the fact without any suggestion on
how to improve things as I am in a bit of hurry..)
- malekith

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