Re: UI

Subject: Re: UI
From: Beregar (
Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 13:32:47 EEST

> What in my opinion we should avoid, is player having to click and name
> something every time he wants to talk to someone.
> I would hate having to click around and type names before I can talk to
> someone.
> UI should be simple and effective, not tedious and complex.
> (I realize that this is simply stating the fact without any suggestion on
> how to improve things as I am in a bit of hurry..)
> - malekith

Well, You don't need to name at all if you don't want but then that person doesn't
have name but I suppose if you name him/her once you don't name him/her again.
hmm is it possible that when someone says his/her name others will automagically
name him/herself? Would be nice since you could anyway lie your name :)

- Beregar (

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