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Subject: Re: UI
From: Lari Kuitunen (
Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 19:44:16 EEST

> > What in my opinion we should avoid, is player having to click and name
> > something every time he wants to talk to someone.
> > I would hate having to click around and type names before I can talk to
> > someone.
> > UI should be simple and effective, not tedious and complex.
> > (I realize that this is simply stating the fact without any suggestion
> > how to improve things as I am in a bit of hurry..)
> > - malekith
> Well, You don't need to name at all if you don't want but then that
person doesn't
> have name but I suppose if you name him/her once you don't name him/her
> hmm is it possible that when someone says his/her name others will
> name him/herself? Would be nice since you could anyway lie your name :)
> - Beregar (

what I ment, was that every time I'd want to talk to more than one people
at a time, 
I would have to name them to something to distinguish their sayings, be it
mr. A and mr. B, or Murgthurg and Brotharu, it still is very tedious if you
to do it every time before you open up a conversation.
it would be little more acceptable if you could name things only once and
that remember them, or even more acceptable, even quite nice, if when 
someone says his name, others will automagically call him by that name 
and know who is speaking.

what I am against is an UI that requires much clicking and typing to do
things, like in Windows, when you want to change some simple thing,
you have to click through thousands of icons and windows before 
you can do it.

- malekith

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